Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ragdoll Nicky: Propping Up The World

Nicky (Nickerdoodle) is very shy and easily everything; dogs, people, other cats, loud noises, his sister Willow, and his shadow. There must have been some dysfunctional behavior in his family unit, maybe a dominant and bossy momma or the fact that all of his siblings were mitted and he had the "eyeliner" lynx eyes. Perhaps he was the only male in the litter. Whatever the family dynamic was....Nicky is different. His meow is more like a high pitched faint "mew", at times his mouth moves but no sound emerges. He hides in closets, tries to make himself as small as possible when confronted. This is hard to do when you weigh 14 - 15 pounds.

Nicky is the original "proper". He "props up". He sits on his backside with legs out front and leans against things. What things? Pretty much anything and everything.

He has such a stately manner when he does it, you can almost picture a crown on his head and a scepter in his paw. While "propped" he looks around with the slightest wave of his head and surveys his kingdom. This is the only time he appears to be fearless.

He props against a pillow on his most favorite place, his grandma's bed. He would have rather propped against her blanketed feet but she has already gotten up.

Here he props up on a love seat. Sofa, recliner, rocking chair, china hutch, video cabinet, front door, it doesn't matter to Nick, if he can prop, he will.

Nicky is the most comical when propped against a wall. He seems to think that if he didn't do his duty and hold it up, the wall would fall down. If Nicky lived in Pisa, Italy, he would most likely be found at the leaning tower, trying to prop it up!

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