Friday, July 29, 2005

Bayreuth Wagner Festival

Stephen Gould as Tannhauser
GEORGE JAHN - Associated Press: BAYREUTH, Germany -- The message was sin and redemption and the music was top rate. Under Christian Thielemann, arguably the best Wagner conductor of the day, the Festival Orchestra masterfully underpinned the haunting pilgrims' choruses, set the ground for the chromatic harmony that depicts the tonal world of Venus, or worked its magic in the orchestral preludes that create the mood for the acts to follow. Stephen Gould was a powerfully evocative Tannhauser both vocally and dramatically, reflecting growing ease in a role he is now performing for the second straight year. A footnote: The audience loved the production -- both visual and musical. They feted the soloists, Thielemann -- and yes, Arlaud -- with nearly 15 minutes of applause.
The Bayreuth Wagner Opera Festival began this week in Germany. Rabid fans wait up to ten years for tickets to this event. Last year, MY BROTHER, Stephen Gould stepped in to perform the title role in Tannhauser and has returned to reprise the same this year. This is the first current review in from the Associated Press.

Stephen is the little boy "Left Behind". There are more pictures, music clippings from his performances and his schedule at his website. (We have to check this to keep up with his current location) He has a very proud Momma and Papa, an adoring niece and ...emmm ....hmmmm.....ok....a proud big sister as well. Yes, we did get over the love/hate thing siblings go through. Check out his site when you get the chance.
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