Friday, February 03, 2006

Rhett: The Purple Ball and Shoe Adventure

Rhett: "Look what I found!" Click pictures for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"No catnip tree
Could offer bliss
Of magnitude
To equal this
As in a transport
Of delight
My spaced-out cougar
Spends the night
His nose in cozy
With my malodorous
Jogging shoe."
~ Dorothy Heller
(Rhett's story in his own words! Yes, he dictated them!) "OK, what is this? Mom's favorite old shoe. She has had this thing forever; the leather is starting to crack and the heel is a bit lopsided but she goes for the comfort thing. I could chew on it a bit but she would hear me and get mad. Hmm, I am so bored what can we find to do?" (Continued)

"Wow! I found my purple spongy ball under the bed. I love this ball. It has all the teeth marks on it but I dig it out of the trash can if Mom tries to throw it away. Let's see what fun we can have with it! I can push it up against the old shoe."

"If I work my paw and my teeth just right I can pick it up in my mouth and then... yes, lift, lift, a little further now... just a little bit further and..."

"There! I dropped it in the shoe! Now I can roll it around and...Wait! It rolled down into that cavernous toe, I don't know if I see it. It's so dark down in there! Ball? Ball? Come back!"

"It is dark in there. Maybe I can stick my paw down in there and pull it out. Mom sure has big feet! I don't know if my leg will go that far! I want my purple ball! This isn't working; I'll have to try something else. Let's see, maybe if I turn another way! Whew, this shoe is a bit stinky!"

"I really don't want to do this but I just can't reach the purple ball with my paw! Here goes! If I hold my breath and do it really quick maybe the smell won't bother me too much! Yuck.... mumble, mumble, mumble, yeow, mumble.."

"Whew! Success at last; that was close! I retrieved my ball and lived to tell about it. I feel a bit light headed. It was really dark in there and smelly and scary! The room is spinning and I feel so dizzy. I should have worn a gas mask!"

"I think I'm going to lie down here for a while with my purple ball. Someone open the window, I need some fresh air. Maybe I'll take a nap... yes, a nap is just the ticket.

Then I'll feel perky and ready to go see Sophie (maybe?) at Friday's Ark and I'm sure this headache will be gone in time for the Carnival of the Cats, this Sunday hosted by Enrevanche. See you later Sophie my love... zzzzzzzzz."

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