Friday, June 02, 2006

Miss Scarlett Tries Yoga

Miss Scarlett in..... well, trying to do yoga.
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"To know balance is to love peace." ~ Anne Wilson Schaef
Previously Miss Clover tried her hand.. er, paw at yoga. Now Miss Scarlett wants her turn to show flexibility. Of course, as she is a "meezer", everything must be done precisely and with perfection; but she has no guide, no book and her mom doesn't have a clue. (This is "read more" for more pictures) Scarlett has seen books about Yoga for Dogs, and Chickens and even Elephants, so she knew there were instructions for Kitties.

Eureka!, here we come.

Miss Scarlett: "Now maybe I can get this right! Got to get in shape before boarding Friday's Ark and visiting the Carnival of the Cats this Sunday. I know there are a lot of really HOT looking fellows that show up and I want to look my best for them. This week Mom said the Carnival is being hosted by TacJammer. See you there!

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