Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Fairytale Begins

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"Every man's life is a fairy-tale written by God's fingers."
~ Hans Christian Andersen
Once upon a time....

There was a pumpkin of the "fairytale" variety. In a farmer's pumpkin patch it grew to weigh 20 pounds. One day in October, a family bought the beautiful pumpkin and took it home, where they made nine delicious pumpkin pies from its fleshy meat. The grown daughter scooped up the seeds, washed them, dried them and saved them wrapped carefully in a paper towel. She placed them in a dark corner of the garage where they rested until the next spring...May, actually.

While she planted two tomato plants in a flowerbed to the side of the house, the lady remembered the seeds. She prepared the soil, added fertilizer and prepared the seeds. Her father said to put four seeds in each of four mounds, as it was not likely that all would survive and grow. So she did. Then she watered and watched and waited until......

One day a small bowed shoot appeared in one mound, then another one and another one. They grew and sprouted two leaves each and suddenly the lady realized that every single seed had sprouted! There in the loose earth, were sixteen small seedling pumpkin plants growing in her magic flowerbed. Then she waited... again.........

(end of current post..... to be continued)

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