Friday, November 03, 2006

Static Cling

Miss Chloe. October 7th. (Click pictures for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"Cats keep their cool, no matter what. Even when they do things like fall or lose their balance, they'll walk away with an attitude that seems to say, I meant to do that." ~ Michael Jordan

Miss Clover. November 1.

Cats and boxes; if there is an open box, the cat will hop inside. If there is paper in the box, it will be distributed over as wide an area as physically possible in eight hours of being found. If there are styrofoam peanuts in the box, they will be batted by paws, chewed, carried, or spilt by said cats. It is never smart to leave an open box of packing peanuts in the company of unsupervised cats.

The scenario:
  • Box, one side of lid open. Cat approaches.
  • Cat looks in box. Cat sits in quiet contemplation, eyes glaring at the box.
  • Cat crouches.... whiskers twitch..... back end wiggles and.....
  • Jump! Pounce! Leap into the box!
  • White styrofoam peanuts fly out of the box, thus attracting other felines.
  • Cat in box, up to her belly in peanuts, swimming in peanuts.
  • Other cats proceed to spread the new toys.
  • Cat in box develops crazed look in her eyes and leaps out of said box, tipping it over and spilling "billions and billions" of white peanuts..... all charged with static electricity and looking for something to cling too.
  • Some tiny fragments of broken styrofoam remain in box.
  • As cat noses around in the mess....tiny charged styrofoam pieces stick to said nose.
So this is how it happens. They try to shake it off, wipe it off with a paw but to no avail. (Have you ever tried to get one off of your hand when the humidity is low and the static is high? Nigh to impossible!) Finally, they smooth their fur as best they can and walk slowly away, head held high, tail erect, eyes straight ahead; as if it were the most natural of things for them to have a white blob stuck on their noses!

Chloe and Clover will have to clean their faces before they hop on Friday's Ark and take a spin at the Carnival of the Cats, hosted by Crazy Meezer this week. See you there!

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