Saturday, November 04, 2006

Window View


A window to the sky. (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"Rather than words comes the thought of high windows:
The sun-comprehending glass,
And beyond it, the deep blue air, that shows
Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless."
~ Philip Larkin (1922-1986), High Windows
A darkened room; quiet, calm and restful with a view of the sky. An historical building with lofty ceilings and drapeless windows reaching high along the wall. Outside the deep blue sky with powder puff clouds and summer trees add color. All that is missing to make a perfect hide-away is music, say the low melancholic strains of a classical adagio, and an overstuffed easy chair and ottoman to slowly sink into. Sigh! Priceless!

This is my first time to participate in the Saturday Photo Hunt and I'm not sure I quite figured out the code yet. This weeks theme is "windows". You can go here to "Grab the Scavenger Hunt code" and here to join the blogroll. The link to other participants is in my blogroll on the sidebar. (end of post)

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