Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cold Snow, Big Fun

Cold little clowns, big snow fun.
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"January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow." ~ Sara Coleridge
It hardly ever gets cold enough to snow in Mississippi and when it does ice is the main problem. One year, a sudden cold snap in January and a storm front combined to drop five inches of snow. This paralyzed the town but not the kids; Lori D. was having her birthday party as the flakes began. We all thought this would be a "flurry" event but the flakes fell faster and heavier with each flake larger than the one before. Soon all the little "clowns" were out in the cold, rolling balls for snowmen, making snow angels and throwing piles of the white stuff at each other. The neighborhood households started fires in the fireplaces and soon the smell of smoking chimneys filled the air. Suddenly, we heard the screaming sirens of the fire engine and saw flashing red lights turn down our street. The volunteer firefighters stopped in front of the house right across the street; we hadn't seen any smoke. It turned out to be a chimney fire, frightening but contained with only minimal smoke.

A birthday party, cold wind, an unexpected snowstorm, snowballs and snowmen, a visit from the fire department; all in all an exciting day for three little clowns in Columbus, Mississippi.

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