Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Somebody's Gonna Get Coal

Someone decided to rearrange the nativity scene..... I wonder who?
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"Cats find malicious amusement in doing what they know they are not wanted to do, and that with an affectation of innocence that materially aggravates their deliberate offense." ~ Helen M. Winslow
Someone attacked the nativity set up on the low coffee table in the living room. Apparently, the positioning of Mary, Joseph and the shepherd weren't pleasing to their delicate senses. Of course it was obvious that they could do a much better job with the arrangement, switch Mary and Joseph, move the manger out a little so the donkey could see the Baby too. Yes, if they had just had more time, it would have worked out very well; but those people came in and found it before all the changes were made. And who would the "usual suspects" be?

First there is Willow, innocent looking enough; in fact she has this look down cold. When your back is turned she is putting pipe cleaners in the water bowl and fishing them out to then drop in the dry food bowl. She steals catnip toys from the other cats, chases the others as they walk through the room, boxes with Clover, and pushes in for attention when anyone else is getting petted. Her favorite pastime is hiding behind a box on the shelf over the covered cat box; when Maggie gets in the box to privately do her business, Willow will hang her head over the edge and stare into the opening. This of course freaks Maggie out.

The next suspect is Rhett. He already has the reputation since he was caught red pawed returning to the scene of his most recent crime.... shredding the toilet paper. Rhett loves to chew on bags; plastic or paper, with cat food or dog food. He has been caught on the dining room table chewing on a bag of scone mix..... one bag already chewed open and he had started on a second. Piles of flower were spilled on the table and his dark face was covered with the white flour. Rhett also has the habit of rushing into the middle of an altercation between cats, taking a couple of right cross punches at one of the participants and then dashing away. This always makes things worse.

The final suspect is Maggie. She is always out of sorts. She is mad at the other cats for moving in and mad at her mom and dad for letting those nasty things stay. She is mad because the other cats like to sit on the human laps and sleep on their feet and .... well, she just doesn't like to share anything. Maggie hisses at poor Nicky when he follows her around like a moon eyed puppy dog. She hisses and spits and swats and bites anyone who rubs her the wrong way or in the case of the cats.... looks at her.

So which one did this? We don't know for sure. I think Maggie did it. She had motive... to get the other cats in trouble. She had opportunity.... she sleeps in the house at night and has free roam. The others sleep together in the sunroom. Yes, she is just sneaky enough to do the job. I've set a little trap tonight... perhaps we'll know for sure in the morning. Perhaps the cats at Cats on Tuesday hosted by gattina will vote too.

All the kitties here at our home send Christmas greetings and heartfelt wishes to all the animals who board Friday's Ark this week and to all the cats who will rendezvous at the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. The carnival is hosted this Christmas Eve by IMAO. (end of post)

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