Tuesday, March 29, 2005

States of the Union

I saw this on another web site but for the life of me I can't find it again. So I'll just have to wing it and modify and give it my own twist.

States of the Union - How many states have you visited, lived in, and where are you living now? Here goes.

Florida - Disney World, Lakeland, Grandfather Gould who lived to be 97.
Georgia - Atlanta with the Thorntons, passed through the airport to places worldwide.
South Carolina - pass through from Mississippi to Virginia
North Carolina - Great Smokey Mountains, college search trip, various routes from the west to Virginia.
Alabama - Gulf Shores, Birmingham shopping trips, outlet malls, horrible stretch of Hwy 82.
Mississippi - home for 15 years, some good some bad, my child considers this "home".
Tennessee - Sewanee, Memphis, I40 from Oklahoma City to Virginia
Arkansas - pass through to go from Texas to Virginia, college roomate lives in Texarkana.
Louisiana - New Orleans pathology course in 2003
Virginia - now home, also home for me from age 3 to 9, many sites visited.
Maryland - Baltimore airport was end point of air travel while in college.
Delaware - Parents moved there from Pennsylvania while I was a freshman in college.
Pennsylvania - High school sophomore to senior year, New Brighton, also visits in Hershey, Lancaster, Philadelphia.
New York - New York trip with Nyssa and my brother Stephen
New Jersey - drove from Philly down to the tip of New Jersey and took the ferry across to Delaware.
Massachusetts - Eastern Nazarene College, bible quizzing trip, Cytc training trip, Boston
Connecticut - never been as far as I know
Rhode Island - never been
Vermont - never been
New Hampshire - never been
Maine - never been
West Virginia - route taken between Virginia and Chicago
Kentucky - drive to Chicago, home of Asbury College - the parents are alumni
Ohio - northern route from Pennsylvania to the farm in Illinois
Indiana - lived in Gary from fifth grade to the summer after 9th grade, born in Bedford
Illinois - my dad's home state, trips to Chicago, Kankakee, Olivet Nazarene College.
Missouri - route from Illinois to Oklahoma, I lived here when dad was in seminary
Michigan - One summer a certain type of small fish in Lake Michigan died and washed up on the beaches in Indiana making them unfit for use. So we would drive up into Michigan to the beaches there.
Wisconsin - never been
Minnesota - never been
Iowa - never been
North Dakota - never been
South Dakota - never been
Nebraska - never been
Kansas - never been
Oklahoma - home during college, Bethany Nazarene College, practiced medicine there for seven years, Nyssa was born here.
Texas - unfortunately lived in Dallas for eight years, most stuck up snotty people live in that town. They look down at the good people of Fort Worth. Horrible traffic. World's worst airport. Galveston was the site of the honeymoon (don't get me started), San Antonio was hot, the Alamo is a big let down and the River Walk looks and smells like a sewer. The nicest city in texas is El Paso.
New Mexico - White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, college science trip, wonderful; last vacation with husband (before divorce), was a nightmare.
Arizona - college science trip destination, camping, rock climbing, Sonora desert, absolutely a trip of a lifetime.
Colorado - great camping trips with whole family before the breakup to a smal very remote place...only two cars went by the campsite the entire week we were there.
Nevada - Las Vegas AmeriPath trip, Take Tahoe trip with Paul for meeting, not fond of this state.
Utah - medical trip to Park City when seven months pregnant. I couldn't ski but they have a way to ride to the top of the mountain, ate at the restaurant in Sundance, greatest skiing on earth.
California - San Diego - pathology board exams over Thanksgiving, San Diego zoo, Sea World, Santa Barbara medical meeting - where I did first pregnancy test, saw "Cats" in Los Angeles.
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii - I have never been to any of these.

Well, I have visited 30 out of 50 states and lived in 8 of them. Most of the states I have never visited are ones who went Democratic in the last election....hmm....is there a pattern here?

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