Monday, May 31, 2010

May 22nd ~ Miss Scarlett Goes Home

Miss Scarlett (1995 - May 22, 2010)

“Grief drives men into habits of serious reflection, sharpens the understanding, and softens the heart” ~ John Adams

I knew you were going blind
But, if I kept your place arranged in the same way
You could find your way to the food and water
And to the premium sleeping site on the carpet covered cat tree.

Your favorite place was on the landing by the back door.
I put a soft bed there for your comfort but you loved the feel of the rug.
You loved to greet us at the back door, each morning
And you always helped me clean the garage
Rubbing your head on my leg
And standing up, patting my knee while I cleaned out the kitty boxes,
All the time purring and squeaking in that tiny voice.

I found you when you and your brother, Rhett, were just tiny little orphans
Donated to a school auction.
You were too young to be away from your mother, but she was dead,
Your little bellies bloated from malnutrition.
And so you came home with us.
And there you became part of the family.

Scarlett, you were Nyssa's favorite, her sleeping companion every night.
Even when she moved to her bunkbed/futon
You managed to find a way to stepwise jump from the floor to the end table
To the bed, and there
You curled up next to her and stayed... all night.
Your purring rocked her to sleep even after she outgrew the Rock-a-bye tapes
And too big to rock in my arms.

Scarlett, you were a mass of contradictions,
A roly-poly fur ball purr factory one minute
Prancing back and forth, winding to and fro to get stroked
In just the right place;
And in the next minute, running away from Willow or Clover.
You were the easy one, the one that Rhett and Willow could have fun with.
Cornered in the dining room, with both cats sitting a respectful, but obviously for you,
Intimidating distance away
You screamed, hissed and growled
The sound effects of a dozen cats in full fight
Coming from a single solitary little Siamese.
Rhett and Willow were amused.
You never were.

I thought we had overcome your previous illness
I thought you had fully regained your weight and except for your sight, you were fine.
I should have had them x-ray you in November, just in case.
I should have noticed the weight loss the last three months.
I should have made the vet appointment just a week sooner.

You didn't complain, you ate like a little pig, but the weight still came off.
I had an appointment for Monday, but on Friday you quit eating.
Then quickly, too quickly you went from bad to worse.
You couldn't walk or stand up on Saturday morning and nothing could entice you to eat.
Still you purred.
And snuggled
And tried so hard to get up.

So I knew, as I did with Max and Clover, that it was time.
Mr. Rhett gently cleaned your ears and even Chloe touched your nose with hers
Without hissing or hysterics.
Even Daisy sat quietly by your bed while I struggled with the decision.

You were so quiet on the way to the vet... except for that never ending purr.
They gently put the IV in and while I held you in my arms and stroked your little head
The vet quietly helped you sleep... a small single cry and then for the first time in hours
You fully and completely relaxed.
Your struggle over.
Your pain over.
Your blindness ended.
And that glorious purr silenced forever as my tears fell on you soft fur.
Rest in peace...sweet Scarlett.
~ srp

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Friday's Ark ~ June 4th


kenju said...

Oh, SRP, I am typing through tears. I am so sorry about Scarlett; such a beauty.

Abby said...

I am so sorry to hear about Scarlett, the tears are simply streaming down my face as I weep with sadness over the loss of your darling little sweetheart. I have missed hearing about all of your kitties, but I know you have been so busy with so many things. My heart goes out to you as I know how long she has been a member of your family. We hope Mr.Rhett is well. We will keep you in our thoughts and light a candle in her honor. Rest well Miss Scarlett. You will be missed, by one and all.
Abby the Manx

Bobkat said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. What you have described was pretty much exactly the same as when I lost my dear Bob a year ago (almost to the day). He went downhill so quickly too and I thought I should have noticed but cats are so good at 'soldiering on'. Especially when they are happy and loved as much as Scarlett was.

Scarlett was a beauty and she had a wonderful life with you after a shakey start. I am sure you have many happy memories of her, that in time won't be quite so painful to remmeber. Take care x

Beverly said...

Oh, I am so sorry.  Reading about all your cats, I feel like I know them well.  My face is wet with tears for your loss.

Attie said...

Miss Scarlett, you were obviously verreh special.  My mommeh and I just cried and cried to read this...  You were a beautiful girl, with the loveliest eyes, and we know you are using those eyes now to look down on your family from The Bridge, even though in life you had lost your sight.  At The Bridge you will be happeh.

The Island Cats said...

What a beauty Miss Scarlett was.  We are sorry to hear she has gone to the Bridge.  We send you comforting purrs to help you through this sad time....

Cory said...

We are so sad to hear about the amazing Miss Scarlet going to the Bridge.  What a beauty and what a very special tribute to her.

Janet said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Miss Scarlet.  She sure was a beautiful cat.

Steve said...

Tears.  Our thoughts are with you and Nyssa.

All of Miss Scarlett's friends from the Friday Ark will miss her.


Cat Lady Diary said...

I am so sorry for your loss, what a very special girl.

Puss in Boots said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Miss Scarlett's passing.  My thoughts are with you both.

Tiki & Kirby said...

We are so very sorry about Miss Scarlett. Sending you comforting purrs.

Omnibus Driver said...

How lucky she was to be loved so well by you and yours.  How lucky you are that that love was returned!

Simply Col said...

Oh SRP... I have no words.  My only hope is that somehow you feel my arms around you in a hug filled with understanding and sympathy.    Their precious lives are far too short.   But I do believe that their wee souls stay close to us forever.   Miss Scarlett .. You are a true beauty.