Monday, March 21, 2011


Bashful beauty broadcasts, " Surely Spring has sprung!" Posted by Picasa

"If one daffodil is worth a thousand pleasures, then one is too few." ~ William Wordsworth
I am reading a book... a small book.. actually, I've read it already but thought it good to go back through again. When I have finished a second time, I might post about it.. or I might simply keep it as my small treasure for just a bit to see where the journey goes... no, I won't keep it too close because a wonderful journey is even better when shared... but I did start. For now, this journey, this counting of gratitudes is in its infant stage and so my first ones are simple.. thunderstorms... we had our first today... and just the rumble of thunder said "Spring is here.... and right on cue." The yo-yo effect is slowly but surely ebbing away as the day and night time temperatures edge their way up. I don't think we will have any more freezing night temperatures... neither do the plants. Spring breezes... no longer howling around the roofline or clacking the bare tree limbs together... gentle but firm and warm with a hint of continuing cool around the I sat waiting for Mom at the doctor's office.. the soft breezes blew small white petals from the three large flowering pear trees and they floated to the ground like the winter snow. It had that "other worldly" effect.. you know, the one you feel and half expect to look up and see a golden carriage drawn by two snow white horses appear through the veil of falling petals...that effect. The tulip magnolias have bloomed and are shedding their pink petals in a carpet around their base...the buds so long in waiting and so short in staying after the opening. The same is so with our daffodils... no new ones planted, just the older bulbs well rested over winter. They opened a bit early as always and then had to brave the cold winds of early March... so this year, they are not pristine, a bit ragged and raw around the edges, but still... daffodils. One bulb managed, probably with inadvertent human help, to escape the flower bed and end up implanted in the yard. I remedied that... managed to extract it with bulb intact and placed it back among its siblings. This small variety, was hiding behind a larger yellow sister who is hogging all the attention with her big saturated golden locks... so I crept around and when she wasn't looking... I snapped the shot. Yes, one daffodil is worth many pleasures and much gratitude as well... this bashful beauty will go on my list.

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Patricia said...

Ah.....the counting. And the words. Are they not exquisite? Such gifts.

Your words, too. Always rich, always uplifting. I can see the snow of pear tree petals and the carpet of tulip magnolias.

And the beautiful, bashful daffodil. Pleasures and grace indeed.

Josephine Brooke Harriman said...

What a lovely photo...Daffodils are bashful aren't they? I am always outside now searching for more signs/proof that spring is here!

Kenju said...

I love the effect of the black background. I also love it when the tiny Bradford pear tree petals fall like snow. It is pretty windy here today, so we have swirling leaves and petals.

Kenju99 said...

I'm not sure if my comment disappeared - but I left one and it didn't post. Love the black background.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a glorious picture of the light coming out of the dark and overcoming it! You chose the right one.

Stephanie v said...

Stunning photo. I also loved you post for today. I'll come back and visit again.
Thanks for the visit to mine.

Sandra said...

poor little ragged daffodils, this one is certainly not ragged, it is beautiful. glad spring is there for you and hope the March winds dont beat up any more flowers. we are waiting for April showers, and a little thunderstorm would make us happy to