Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yarrow and Yellow in the Yard

Yellow rose of Virginia.... sorry Texas.

“'Twas a yellow rose, By that south window of the little house, My cousin Romney gathered with his hand On all my birthdays, for me. save the last; And then I shook the tree too rough, too rough, For roses to stay after.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh (bk. VI)
In Victorian flower language, a yellow rose meant or was used to convey jealousy. However, in the western U.S., the yellow rose came to symbolize a familiar, native and humble love, including feelings of home and domestic happiness, joy, and friendship.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) in my yard Posted by Picasa

"Thou pretty herb of Venus’ tree,
Thy true name it is Yarrow;
Now who my bosom friend must be,
Pray tell thou me to-morrow.”
~ Halliwell’s Popular Rhymes
The old Myth concerning the yarrow's name sake, Achilles, states that his Mother made a strong tea of yarrow and, at his birth, dipped him in it, thus making him totally invulnerable except for the heal that she held him by, the Achilles Heal. Another bit of yarrow lore declares that if you sew a bit of yarrow into a flannel pouch, place it under your pillow, and say this poem before going to sleep; you will learn the name of your future bride or groom in your dreams.

Placed in the garden it discourages beetles, ants and flies! If a handful is added to the compost it will speed up the breakdown of the plant material. In the garden it is a very good companion plant improving the health of all plants around it.

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Wanda Slaven said...

What lovely photography.  An Texas just needs to share it yellow rose.... Nice post.

Rogerogreen said...

I'll need to get some yarrow - drive off the flies!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Sandra Hangey said...

yarrow is so beautiful and has other uses than staring at it in awe. rose is beautiful, but I like the yarrow better. i love the lacy look of the yarrow

Ginny Hartzler said...

I would not have known a yarrow if I saw one, are they considered flowers or weeds? They are SO pretty!! And I love the Achilles Heel story!!!!

Ramblingwoods said...

I need to get some yarrow then...not familiar with it... It is very pretty....

Lisa said...

Yarrow is one of those miracle garden plants. Good for so many uses. But, I LOVE the Yellow Rose of Virginia shots. Lovely!