Monday, November 20, 2006

Good-bye, Buster..... Good-bye

Buster S. and his "baby". (1992 - 2006) Rest in peace. Posted by Picasa
Not the least hard thing to bear when
they go from us, these quiet friends,
is that they carry away with them so
many years of our lives. Yet, if they
find warmth therein, who would
begrudge them those years that they
have so guarded?
And whatever they take,
be sure they have deserved.
~ John Galsworthy
My friend Miss M, lost her best friend yesterday, November 19th. He was a friend who had been with her through the ups and downs of life for fourteen years. On occasion we wondered about Buster; his fondness for his "baby" that he used as his personal pacifier and his amazing ability to clear a room after eating that spicy hot dog from Sonic. (Whew! He had powerful "fluffs"!)

But Buster had such a gentle soul. He never met a child he didn't like and he loved Little Miss M the most. She dressed him in the latest fashion and he always loved those accessories. Only a special dog would allow this.

Not only did Buster love people; he loved cats. Why, some of his best friends were cats! Stoney and Clovis snuggled and loved on him; they also jumped on his back and boxed his nose, but Buster just basked in the attention. Somehow, the kittens sparked that puppy still buried deep inside of his spirit.

In the end Buster was far more ill than anyone knew; it came on suddenly and even he didn't seem to realize it. So his passing, while too sudden for his human family left behind, was quick and painless. This is the best we can hope for our animal friends.

Now Buster has met up with my long gone Dixie, Dottie and Barney, in a big green field with brightly colored flowers and scampering squirrels; fresh running streams of water and endless kibble. There they will play without being tired, sleep without being cold and run under the warm sun without being hungry. He is happy. He is safe.

Good-bye "Budder", good-bye.

Miss M has pictures posted at her site "stinkerbell". Today she has a big hole in her heart, as does everyone who ever knew Buster.
Buster's memorial will be up at Friday's Ark and at the Carnival of the Dogs. Buster was a one of a kind friend. (end of post)

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