Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Southern Diva

"Wow! Now this is a staircase!" (Click to enlarge)

"There is nothing that gives more assurance than a mask." ~ Colette

Miss Scarlett wanted to update you on her soft self. She has fully regained her pre-surgery weight... and then some. We always said she looked like a bowling ball and now she is there again. But the vet says she is healthy. No more stones on her special diet and an added bonus for the other cats as well. They ALL eat the Science Diet C/D and this will help prevent them from forming stones too.

"I love the feel of these hardwood floors!"

While her shape is back, her attitude never left. She's still endowed with that special sound effects gift; able to produce all the growls, screeches, hissing and snarls of a community cat fight... all by her butterball self. This still gives the other cats a great deal of enjoyment.. better than watching a bunch of goldfish in a bowl! Our new dog, Daisy, on the other hand is scared to death of these antics. After Scarlett's display, Daisy won't even turn her head to look at her. Much, much too scary!

"But this dark rug is nice too... a great place to relax!"

Scarlett is slowly learning to relax in the new house and comes in from the safety of the kitty playroom (garage) almost every day now. She sits in the big recliners in the den or on the arm of the same when Mom is in the chair. Here she purrs and squeaks (never has been able to do a Siamese "meow") and rubs her head on Mom's arm. Scarlett does love those head rubs.

"Are you still here? Go now! Scram! It's my nap time! Posted by Picasa

Even though she is now almost 14, she can still run faster than Nyssa....... oops! Was I supposed to say that?

Scarlett is visiting Friday's Ark this week... she hasn't been for some time now. She also wants to see the other kitties at the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this week by When Cats Attack. See you there!

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