Friday, February 27, 2009

Where Did All The Birdies Go?

Crouching tiger position. (Click picture for larger view)

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." ~ John Lubbock

Maggie: Oh! Look! Something's out there! What is that chirping noise? I need to find out! I need to blend in with my surroundings and check this out!"

Balancing cat position.

"I have slowly climbed this hill and now I balance, as still as a statue. Look at all the birdies, finches and mourning doves. I am sooooo good... they don't even seem to notice me. But, my feet are getting tired.... my body is too big.... too long... don't look down, don't look down! I am going to have to get closer soon!"

My pirouette move. I am a ballerina!

"I can't get past this lamp...hmm... I'll try this direction. Yes, this should get me closer to the window, but.... I am just so big and my tail is swishing. Oh! No! I can't move like a mouse... more like an elephant! How do those Siamese do this so well?"

"Where did they go?" Posted by Picasa

"Well, here I am, nose against the window and what is this? That person that I do not like, pointing that black box at me again! I want the birdies, where did the birdies go? Uh-oh, I feel a song coming on......
Where did all the birdies go... Long time passing
Where did all the birdies go... Long time ago..Meoooowwwwww!"

"Perhaps I will see them on board Friday's Ark or perhaps at the Carnival of the Cats hosted by Artsy Catsy. But with all the other cats there, the outlook for birdie sightings might be slim."

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