Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ruby Red: Part Of My Rainbow

Red delights: tulips, impatiens, geraniums.
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"Red 'rings' inwardly with a determined and powerful intensity. It glows in itself, maturely, and does not distribute its vigor aimlessly." ~ Vassily Kandinsky

I have seen flowerbeds and gardens with certain color schemes... perhaps done in shades of blue from navy to pale sky blue and all those in between; or gardens with all shades of yellow or pink or even reds. These are usually beautiful and obviously planned out by a professional landscape artist.

However, I love the rainbow and the colors mixed together. In fact, my perfect garden would have flowers of every shade mixed with no particular pattern, on the back ground of greenery of varying shades and textures with splashes of white thrown in... like a gorgeous stained glass window. Also, it is so hard to decide what flower you want to ban from the garden, so why not try to include them.. or as many of them as you can. To this end I have started to fill out our flowerbeds, a little at a time each year. I prefer perennials to annuals partly because I am lazy... I don't like planting them over and over and over each year; but, also because I love the suspense in the the spring... which little green shoots are going to sprout up through the winter mulch first... have they grown in number, will the blooms be gorgeous again... all those mysteries to be uncovered each year. So, I leave the obligatory winter pansies and the summer impatiens to the yard man and concentrate on the bulbs and flowering bushes.

Each fall my mother loves the chrysanthemums and now we have both dark purple and an orange/red variety growing strong. We have pink verbena, dwarf lilies in white, red, orange and pink, yellow daffodils, purple lavender, and roses in shades of lavender, yellow and a purple/pink. Oh yes, yesterday I saw the shoots of the yellow calla lilies being reborn and the gardenia starters are putting on an ever thickening coat of green... can the fragrant white blooms be far behind?

Yes, I love the rainbow in my flowerbed... these are a few of the current punches of red! This is my first Ruby Tuesday entries.... others are found at Work of the Poet!

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