Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finding Shade In The Shadows

Smiling on the outside, melting on the inside.
Daisy: "Hey! Mom! When can we go in?"
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"He that will enjoy the brightness of sunshine, must quit the coolness of the shade." ~ Samuel Johnson

I don't think Daisy will be moving from this shade anytime soon. It was hot and sweltering, humid and with a temperature of almost 97 degrees. The heat index was well over a hundred and we were only outside long enough to fill the bird feeders... but that seems to be too long for a certain cocker spaniel. She did her "business" in record time and wanted back into the cool den with its gently rotating ceiling fan. Here she could cuddle up on the loveseat or in her padded bed and snooze in comfort. But I wasn't finished with the job at hand. So what is a "hot dog" to do? Find the nearest shade of course, even if it is the smallest of trees, only planted a couple of years before...shade is shade. She grins as the shadows dance across her body and her face. I wonder...does Daisy think she can catch these sunbeams? No.. she just wants me to quit with the pictures and fill the feeders ... it is simply too hot to be out...

Did you find yourself a shadow to rest in today or is yours simply following you around being no comfort at all? More shadows are at Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday.

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