Thursday, July 02, 2009

Skywatch Friday: A Little Rain Must Fall

Into each construction project, a little rain must fall.
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"Pretty soon it darkened up, and begun to thunder and lighten; so the birds was right about it. Directly it begun to rain, and it rained like all fury, too, and I never see the wind blow so. It was one of these regular summer storms. It would get so dark that it looked all blue-black outside, and lovely; and the rain would thrash along by so thick that the trees off a little ways looked dim and spider-webby; and here would come a blast of wind that would bend the trees down and turn up the pale under-side of the leaves; and then a perfect ripper of a gust would follow along and set the branches to tossing their arms as if they was just wild; and next, when it was just about the bluest and blackest--fst! it was as bright as glory, and you'd have a little glimpse of tree-tops a-plunging about away off yonder in the storm, hundreds of yards further than you could see before; dark as sin again in a second, and now you'd hear the thunder let go with an awful crash, and then go rumbling, grumbling, tumbling, down the sky towards the under side of the world, like rolling empty barrels down stairs--where it's long stairs and they bounce a good deal, you know." ~ Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Stormy weather...severe warnings... and rain... lots of rain. This was a frightening storm that came up suddenly. Framing on our addition was in full swing... and this stopped the carpenters dead in their tracks. Outside work... near a golf course.. not a good idea and best left to another day.

Fast forward three weeks to yesterday... the day was spent pouring and leveling the concrete patio base, a new porch and sidewalk. The men finished about 6 PM and I left the windows in the garden room open, thinking to leave them open all night. Then came the scroll at the bottom of the television... severe thunderstorm warning... but not here, north and should miss us according to the radar...but, better close the windows anyway. So, windows closed at 9:15 PM... 9:45 PM, a loud clap of thunder... just one... and the skies opened, dumping hard rain for 20 minutes... again confirming our contractor's belief...."Let me pour concrete... it will rain in a desert... every time."

Mark Twain said it perfectly...

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