Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everyone Needs A Cool Drink On A Hot Day.....

Even the bluejay. (Click to enlarge) Posted by Picasa

"You can never appreciate the shade of a tree unless you sweat in the sun." ~ Author Unknown
All the birds are taking advantage of the in-ground and pedestal birdbaths today. It is hot. Although my little meter on the side reports 89℉, my little weather station set up says 93℉ with 75% humidity. It isn't the heat so much as the humidity. Walk outside for five minutes and your shirt and slacks and every other piece of clothing is plastered to your body and damp... instant frizz of the hair, even with pre-treatment with a de-frizzing shampoo, conditioner, gel and hair spray. This is a day that makes a room temperature of 76℉ feel like an air conditioned dream. Even the birds are flying around with mouths open and not just to gather bugs.

My little in-ground bath next to the preserve is in full use... the black birds had five or six in their swimming party a few minutes ago. And the bluejay, finch and thrashers are taking a dip and a drink as well in this bath. I hope we can have a third birdbath out soon, perhaps with a solar powered recirculating fountain and a mister attachment... I've heard that the birds really love this. At least this picture looks cool even though it really isn't. Today is a day for inside work.... no gardening for me! I'll leave the heat to the birds.

Watery Wednesday, June 23rd.

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yaffa said...

What a pretty blue jay! 

kenju said...

My thermometer says 98* and every time I put water in the bird baths, it evaporates, or the cats drink it.

Beverly said...

Oh my, it is hot here too.  I don't venture out for very long on these days.  I'm traveling to Waynesboro at the end of July.  I do hope summer will have done its thing by then since David and Sabrina don't have central air in their house.

Lori said...

It was really hot here yesterday, too.  We spent the day in the Flint Hills.  It was absolutely beautiful, but really too steamy to be outside like we were. 
That little bird definitely has the right idea!

Paul Nichols said...

My First Wife loves this. She said it looks "mysterious."