Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday's Child Is Full Of Grace, Or At Least His Mother Is

Red rose leaves, red shirt and a mop of red hair.... adorable! (Norfolk Botanical Garden)
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"Of course, part of the problem with redheads is that there aren't enough of them. They make up just two percent of the population. So they're pretty extraordinary. Redheads are too numerous to be ignored, too rare to be accepted."
~ Grant McCracken (anthropologist)
It was a beautiful spring day, not too cold, not too hot and with a breeze off the bay that was perfect. Norfolk Botanical Garden is situated right on the bay and next to the airport. This little fellow was exploring the rose garden. It was April and while the rose bushes have sprouted their growth of new stems and leaves, the buds won't begin forming until early May and the blooms will break forth in late May to early June. This part of the garden is perfect for weddings... a little babbling fountain in one area, steps leading up a stone wall structure to an elevated patio where a stringed quartet can play soft music. Climbing roses cover the wall in June. But in April, only the red leaves and promises of flowers to come are here. Still, this young fellow runs down the open isles between the bushes and splashes his hands in the small bubbling fountain and has his mom chasing him all over the place. He is a blur... a redhead in motion, caught only by a fast shutter speed in the bright sunlight. He is running. He is laughing out loud. He is enjoying life to the fullest.

And later, his mom will put this tired, sleepy little redhead to bed and sigh happily.

It's another Ruby Tuesday.

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Ma.links said...

So cute! Great shot.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my....what a sweet sweet photo!!!

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kenju said...

Very sweet. I love watching other people's children when they don't know I'm looking.

shangey said...

my best friend for a large portion of my life, has red hair and 4 of her 6 children were red heads and there hair was/is the color of this child. a wonderful photo, full of joy and sunlight. I have a folder named unknown people, with children like this in it.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Im so glad I found your blog! We seem to think the same way when it comes to writing. Well, you have taken Ruby Tuesday to a whole new level. Not just a pretty picture, but a message and a feeling it gives me. Buds becoming flowers and a boy becoming a man. And you are so descriptive that I can actually see the whole scene right now. And here is what it is making me think about:the joy of life. As you continue to read my blog, you will see that we have a four year old granddaughter, and babysit regularly for a three year old. And our girls are so full of the joy of life. I think sometimes as we get older, we lose that, and don't even know it till we see a small child and wonder why our faces light up. It's the joy. Thanks for the mental picture this afternoon. Oh, you are very observant about the bees! In researching, it said that one way to tell the two bees apart is that a bumblebee will hover by the ground, because they live there, and carpenter bees hover beside wood. I didn't know that either!!

Beverly said...

That is such a precious post.