Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Bananas In More Ways Than One

"Going Bananas" daylily. (Click picture to enlarge)

"Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance.' ~ Author Unknown
Ah.. the heat is back... and the humidity. This morning 85% humidity... and now 91℉. Stephen, my brother, is here for almost two months and he wanted to clean off the black sponge liners they put in the gutters. So out comes the ladder and the round brush and off he goes. Worked quite well, I must say, and we also got rid of a lot of the spider webs as well. Now we are off to the nursery and Lowes and a few other stops in our pursuit of the ultimate gardening experience... ok, so we need some mundane things.

This is one of my daylily species... called "Going Bananas". I love the pale yellow color. It is planted next to a more vibrant golden yellow daylily with a deep maroon throat and this really sets of this pastel look. I've even seen butterflies flitting up to this flower. In the background there is yarrow growing.... the variety called "Pomegranate". This is my Mellow Yellow, trying to be calming, entry for this Monday.

And away we go!!!

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Beverly said...

That is so beautiful!  I love the quote the best, I think, though.  Wow, enjoy your time with Stephen.  Does he sing while he works?

Ginny Hartzler said...

This shot is so lovely! I like the way the background is so dark, the lily really comes out like a light out of darkness!! Going Bananas is too mundane for it's name! But I LOVE your quote, I even think I'll put it on the fridge, it is true and it just tickles me so much! If you get any pretty plants at the nursery, perhaps you'll show us?

Beverly said...

Just wanted you to know that Ginny is one of Ella's caregivers.  When you read her blog, you'll often find Ella in the photos.

shangey said...

the photo is very calming and also very pretty. it is ethereal looking, sorry if that is not spelled write, no spell check here.

MellowYellowMonday said...

simply beautiful photo

kenju said...

BEAUTIFUL photo!! It's great that Stephen gets to be home for so long, and I know you are happy to have him there.

simplycol said...

This is just the most beautiful photo .. and what a gorgeous flower.  "Going Bananas" Daylily you say.. I will be keeping an eye out for those.