Thursday, July 08, 2010

How To Keep Cool On A Hot Summer Day

Keeping cool with a dip and a bit of showing off. Mt. Trashmore, Virginia Beach.
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"What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance." ~ (Jane Austen (1775-1817), British novelist. letter, Sept. 18, 1796.)

Yesterday, the temperature topped out at 108℉ in Williamsburg and here the official Chesapeake temperature was 102℉. Increased humidity was advertised but did not materialize as it stayed below 50%... but this simply created a hot, dry oven effect. An air quality alert was issued for older people, children and those with respiratory difficulty and there was a distinct haze to the sky that normally does not occur here. Today is a bit cooler, if you can count 90℉ as cooler.... but the humidity is well into the 60% range and going up. It is still a day that is too hot for hard physical outside labor.

This white goose knows how to keep cool on a hot summer day.... they all do. The ponds in the neighborhood are crowded with geese, sitting at the edge of the water... quietly preening or sleeping or not doing anything at all. After a dip, then spread the wings and shake off the excess water... and show off a bit. Yes, sir goose, your wings are magnificent... yes, a bit like angel wings... but don't let it go to your head.... you still look a lot like that silly Aflac goose. The water, the wings and the reflections of the clouds have made me feel cooler already. OK, being inside with air conditioning helps too!

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kenju said...

Silly show-off or not, he sure is pretty!! I think if I had wings like those, I'd show them off also!  LOL

We had 102* yesterday and in my car today, it said 101*, but they are reporting high 90's. I must be getting used to it, since we were out for four hours and it didn't seem to bother me. Our humidity has been low too. I can't use the pool, since the power washers left it a mess and it is too hot to stand out there and clean it - unless I get up at dawn - but that is about as likely as me having wings!

Beverly said...

I was supposed to fly to C'ville on the 28th, but if the heat doesn't break, I will be right here in cool Florida.  The goose is magnificent.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Can you send Mr. Goose to our house? Over 100 the last few days here. Today we're having a cold snap because it's only 96. What a beautifully perfect picture. I was actually thinking it's quite majestic looking till the thought of the Aflac Duck. I've heard people either hate him or love him, I'm a lover!

shangey said...

those wings look very much like angel wings, a little photoshop magic could pop a person in there and voila an angel. wonderful photo, your photos are all so sharp and clear and focused. that is some kind of heat. for some reason the heat is up there where you are and our temps are record cool for july. go figure