Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starting A New Chapter

Be strong. Be intelligent. Smile.
Know that beauty has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and nothing to do with looks or other people's opinions.
Never do anything just because everyone else is if you believe it's wrong.
Always be true to yourself.
Expect the best from life and that's what you'll get.
Learn from your mistakes and failures.
Believe in magic and wish on stars.
Love and trust and be compassionate.
Make faces. Play in mud puddles. Take bubble baths.
Turn off all the lights and watch lightening storms.
Dance, laugh, cry, and sing when you want to.
Read everything you can get your hands on.
Stand up for what is right especially if you stand alone.
Don't allow yourself or people around you to tolerate prejudices of any kind.
Don't be afraid to try something new.
Do something daring at least once a week.
Run through snow drifts. (I know. Not likely in Mississippi!)
Spin in circles and roll down hills.
Pet puppies, hold kittens, and talk to babies.
Take afternoon naps. Stay up to watch the sunrise.
Never apologize for being a woman or for being yourself.
Never forget that I love you more than any other person in the world, no matter how far apart we are you will always be my daughter."
~ Author Unknown
My baby is on her own... 884 miles away, living a distance greater than she has ever done before. We made the trip from Virginia to Mississippi in about 18 hours (with two or so hours for dining and refeeding the U-haul. I will have more observations about the trip later... for now, here she is in her first apartment... no more dorm rooms... just leaky faucets and fights with baby roaches. She loves it! (the apartment, not necessarily the roaches)
This was a very tough move for mom.

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