Saturday, January 31, 2009

Halloween Recap (Yes, I Know It's A New Year)

Everyone wants to get into the Halloween spirit....
"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story." ~ Mason Coole

Daisy helped me hand out the Halloween candy this year and of course she needed a costume. Walmart had a cute ladybug stretchy one... but it was a tad too small. She has filled out since moving in with us and by October, her hair had grown as well and she was a soft, cuddly, sweet buff girl with platinum blonde bangs and two platinum curls at the tip of her stubby tail. So we had to come up with something else. The "hot dog" costume had mustard on it and she prefers mayonnaise and chili... and the witch, vampire and skeleton were too scary for her delicate sensibilities. Daisy didn't look like a cheerleader or a clown, so what to do...?

At least Daisy did... now, the cats? Not so much.
I designed her this wonderful accessory.... a wrist watch or rather a tummy watch in her case. Of course, she had to have a beautiful watch with a bejeweled band and a colorful neck ruffle as well. To our amazement, Daisy not only tolerated her costume, she seemed to love strutting around the house with it on and posed for many, many pictures.

Little "watch dog" is on the job!
We didn't have a large number of kids, but she greeted each one with a tail wag and a smile. Quite a few parents took pictures of their kids with her and she graciously posed for single shots as well. All night she sat quietly by my chair on the front porch waiting for the next group of kids and hoping for a treat..... no, Daisy, no chocolate for you!

Taking time to smell the mums....
Daisy loved the bright mums we had for fall decorations. Last year we got the dark purple mums, this year I went for the orange-gold variety. After they died off I cut them back and planted the rootball in the flower bed. This year they came back even fuller than last and I will be doing the same thing with these beauties in a few days.

..... and just goofing off! Posted by Picasa
All in all it was a great day and evening... not too hot and not too cool, with a nice breeze. Daisy couldn't help goofing off a bit. "Look Ma! My collar converts into a great sun bonnet!"

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting To Know You

Mr. Rhett and his (relatively) new friend Miss Daisy. Posted by Picasa

Inadvertent sleeping buddies........

....awake and sniff noses before taking leave to their separate corners.

"If you can look at a dog and not feel vicarious excitement and affection, you must be a cat." ~ Author Unknown

I need to get caught up.... wow! That is an understatement! We'll have to take it much to tell and so many pictures left over to post. But, of course, I have to start with the animals! I found Daisy online at a Richmond canine rescue site. She has been with us now for five months and she is an absolute joy! She is calm with everyone, great with kids, loves baths and she has only barked five or six times in all these months.

While Mom was in the rehab center after her hip replacement, we found that they allowed dogs to visit. So Daisy put on her best pink coat and her big smile and walked right in. Several of the residents called her and she quietly walked up to them and sat down, waiting to be petted. Mom couldn't bend over to her level so Daisy sat on Mom's bed right next to her as she sat in the wheelchair. All the nurses were very impressed, one even asked if she was a certified therapy dog! And my mom absolutely loved her visits! Daisy seems to know when someone needs a little extra loving and she will sit next to them, put her head on their chest and offer her paw. How can one help but hug the curly cutie pie?

As for the cats... Daisy loves them. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. Nicky, Scarlett and Maggie are totally immobilized by fear, Willow hisses and Chloe just gives her a wide berth. Only Mr. Rhett seems to be open to Daisy, but as with all things cat... it is only on his own terms. Daisy tries very hard to get him to play with her. She ignores the squeaky ball toys that Max loved so much, but when Rhett is in the room, she grabs one of his stripped balls and tosses it around, trying to get his attention. Most of the time he just walks around and ignores her when Daisy tries to sniff his nose. These are the best shots showing any degree of inter-species love.

At least she doesn't chase them... actually she DOES chase squirrels.... and barks at them. So my question is... how does she know that small furry thing is a squirrel rather than a cat?

Lastly, I'll get on my little soap box.... if you are considering the addition of a dog (or a cat) to your family... please, please, please check out the rescue groups and shelters first. These animals are so grateful and so loving and truly know how to appreciate life. Daisy came within 30 minutes of being euthanized by carbon monoxide gassing, a barbaric method that should be banned. But more than this, she was alone and unloved... yet with so much love left to give. We feel blessed to have Miss Daisy and she will ALWAYS be loved. Rescued dogs are the absolute BEST!!!

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