Friday, January 18, 2008

Extreme Garage Makeover Part 4: The Final Product (Garage Tek)

The floor, gray with an inset border of black.
"The trouble with organizing a thing is that pretty soon folks get to paying more attention to the organization than to what they're organized for." ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957)
Finally, the last installment to the garage saga. They installed the floor made up of squares of skid resistant tiles put together like a giant puzzle. Just for looks, a border inset of black. It is so much safer than the concrete that was painted. Any amount of water made that floor like an ice skating rink and the paint bubbled up and peeled off terribly. While they were here they put up an additional overhead and brought a couple of accessories I ordered. So here is the final tour....

Down at the far end is my workbench. The cabinet to the left contains all the cat products such as canned food, shampoo... etc. The cabinet to the right is filled with bird food and small gardening supplies .... including my pumpkin seeds. A local carpet place gave us a remnant of indoor/outdoor carpet and we had it edged. It matches the floor well and we put it under the bench and all the cat facilities. I have some of the garden tools hanging on the wall there. The big blue container holds the cat litter and of course all the cat beds and the cat tree are available for them.

Far back wall.
The full size cabinet will house the cleaning supplies and those bulk paper products we all try to get at Sam's or Costco. The smaller ones have a variety of things inside. I hope to eventually get them divided into an auto supply area, electrical, sports, etc. They brought the 48" shelves for the very top and here I have the summer fans, coolers and a cat carrier for those pesky emergencies. Our two file cabinets fit nicely and the lawn mower nestles in by the crawl space access door.

Dad's work area.
This is my dad's corner. This workbench is very, very heavy. The pedestal has four locked drawers and the top is butcher block. The drawers there to the left belong to a roll around tool chest. Above the bench there are small and medium tilt out containers and a tool holder as well as a very bright (when on) work light. We have room for his table saw in the corner... but it is still at the old house right now. I see he put the paper towels on the shelves between his cabinets, but I will move them later. We have the fire extinguisher on the side wall there and a shelf with the plastic garbage bag bin. It is easy for my parents to simply reach over and get one without having to go down the steps. I think he is really going to like his work area!

A final overview Posted by Picasa
So here is the finished product.... an orderly garage... well, at least one with room to organize. Stephen will be here in a couple of weeks to see his planned masterpiece. I think he'll like it as much as we do!

PS: I used my new ladder and switched all the fans in the vaulted areas to the winter mode AND I finally got that pesky tag off the chandelier in the entry way. LOVE THIS LADDER!!! OH! And the senior citizen discounts start at 55.

(the end of the saga)

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