Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Letter To Sophie

Mr. Rhett: "Frankly, Scarlett, I'm thinking about Sophie!" Posted by Picasa
"There is no 'cat language'. Painful as it is for us to admit, they don't need one." ~ Barbara Holland
Dearest Sophie,

It seems like years since I have seen your beautiful face on the computer. You life is so full and exciting with lizards to chase and such exciting places to see. I miss you! I saw that huge McCloud on your mom's blog. Please! Dearest Sophie! Be careful around him! One false step and he could stumble and crush your delicate toes! I would trade my sister Scarlett for you any day.... better yet, we could send our huge, hairy Willow to keep McCloud company and you could come here. You can share my playthings and my soft pillow. I would then be in heaven indeed!

Oh! No! Here comes my human lady! I don't want her to know I can type. I'll have to hypnotize her and make her think that she wrote this post herself! Wish me luck! And please get your mom to post your lovely pictures.

I adore you!


(Fade to black......"Rhett?! What are you......oh, I'm getting sleepy....sleepy." "Snap!!!" "Wow! Look at this! I wrote a post for the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this week by Bad Kitty Cats Journal! Wonder when I did that? Oh, well... time for bed.")

(end of post)

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