Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stephen's Stickley Sneak Peek

The sideboard. (Click pictures for larger view)
"Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established." ~ George Carlin
Once upon a time.....

there was a man who bought his very first home (although he did own an apartment in Europe, but that is beside the point.) He had his parents and his sister move into the home and they decided to sell some of their furniture. His sister put her formal dining room set into the oversized room and it looked very.... small, even with the table leaf in. When the man first came to spend a week in his new house, he loved the living room furniture and he loved the den furniture and he even liked the bedroom furniture in his room. (Probably because it had a memory foam topper and it worked wonders for his back that still had occasional episodes from his back surgery years ago after he twisted wrong on stage in Phantom of the Opera.... oh, dear... I'm rambling.)

While he liked the furniture and arrangement of the rooms, he longed to have one room that reflected his personality and taste in this house of merging families. So he visited the Stickley showroom at a local store and there he fell in love.... with a sideboard. He bought it, had it delivered and ..... it was good!

The table and china hutch.
Of course the beautiful sideboard was lonely in the large room with the much lighter and more traditional oak set, so the man bought a large mission style table and the china hutch to match. Of course, the people at Stickley had to make the other pieces so the man flew back to Europe without ever seeing his purchase in person. His sister found her oak set a very good new home where it would be loved and feel needed. Twelve weeks later the massive furniture arrived and the lonely sideboard was alone no longer... the echo in the room went away as well.

Look! I already filled it up!
The sister started putting her china and crystal in the beautiful hutch. She added the mother's delicate crystal and her depression glass cups and still it wasn't full. So she included an antique candy dish, a large stein from Germany and a purple cow. (I should probably get a picture and explain that last one.)

Today, the sister dusted the dining room in preparation for the man's upcoming visit. She quickly recognized one overlooked fact about the new Stickley pieces.... they have many wooden slits and slats with teeny-tiny spaces in between that gather dust easily; and her fingers are a bit too large to fit in these spaces. So it is very time consuming to clean... especially when the sister is a bit obsessive about it. But, she eventually had success.... yeaaaahhhh! (Picture green frog hands waving in the air.)

The upholstered seats... great on the behind! Posted by Picasa
I posted this primarily for "the man" as he has never seen any of the beautiful furniture he bought... except the sideboard. He will be here in three days... so I guess you could call this his "sneak peek"!

What do you think Stephen? (thumbs up ?)

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