Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Battle Of The Bulbs

Finally and suddenly... a crocus.
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"What I see in Nature is a magnificent structure that we can comprehend only very imperfectly, and that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of humility." ~ Albert Einstein

I planted 20 crocus bulbs. OK. Like everything else in my life, I was late. Then they had a layer of mulch and several bouts of cold and snow and rain and I watched and waited and waited. I decided that because I again did the bulb planting too late, thinking our mild winters would make them come up too soon, we would be without spring color. Then I saw three little spikes that looked at least a bit more like crocus leaves than errant grass.. so I left them alone. Yes, I believe this may be the crocus... still, no bloom. Then a couple of weeks ago... suddenly as if a magician walked along and said "abracadabra"... here it was.. a single purple bloom. I never saw the precursor bud. The bloom provided one small speck of color for mankind for four days, until the next round of cold and rain splattered its delicate self all over the sidewalk. As for the rest of them.... nothing.. just a few green spikes that look more stupid the longer they sit there. The yard man is going to think they are crabgrass and pull them up. I am really not very competent with bulbs. Perhaps it would be best if I just did what the instructions said and quit thinking that I know better than nature about this bulb planting thing.

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kenju said...

Maybe they'll come up next year.

miss daisy mae said...

Your photos are truly beautiful.
I appreciate that you check in with us at  our Sewanee blogs.
When are you coming out?  You must stay with us or at least stop by.
I would love to meet you.