Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Days It Doesn't Pay To Show Your Face

...this was one of those days. Posted by Picasa

"Someday we'll look back on this moment and plow into a parked car." ~ Evan Davis

One thing went right today... I got my hair done... cut and colored. At my age you have to color to keep that pesky gray stuff from showing in the roots... never mind dark roots... they are gray now.. gray hair is your kid's fault, specifically teenagers. It doesn't matter if you have your kids when you are really young or in your thirties... when they hit puberty you will turn gray. So my hair did well and the lady said... "Don't get it wet for 24 hours." I stepped out of her house and.....

It was raining. I wanted to go to the nursery to get some ladybug lure so that the ladybugs I put out to eat the aphids on my roses would stay. But it was raining. No one walks around a larger outside nursery with an umbrella. I had about decided not to go when... the rain stopped. I went. I did take my umbrella with me and halfway to the Japanese maples.. it started again. It was like that for two hours... rain... stop... rain... stop...

Then after getting the hair wet again getting the plants and ladybug lure in the car.. I started home. My windshield wipers decided to shred, front and back... just when it started to rain again. Thank goodness the front only shredded on the edges. So I stopped and bought new wiper blades.

I made it back to the house and the rain stopped. So I put out the ladybug lure and when I got to the rose garden in the back.. that one that I have spent several months lovingly planting.. it looked as if someone had come in and dug small holes down beside four of the roses and the last one I planted just yesterday had been completely dug up and was laying on its side. So I stopped and got down and dug with my hands, made a small mound and carefully put the roots back in and replanted it. Now I am dirty and it is raining again.

My car is going to the shop for an oil change tomorrow and it is a trash heap inside. Really, the garbage dump has nothing on the inside of my car... dirt from the topsoil, fragments of rock and mulch, a box of files and papers that need shredding and empty cups and bags and bits of gum wrappers. Oh yes, and a piece of a bacon biscuit that crumbled and fell on the floor... er... well, almost half of a half of a biscuit. I kept meaning to pick that up. I was going to wash my car inside and out... or at least vacuum inside... but, it is raining. I do finally get the trash out, in the rain and my hair is even more wet.

Now I can't lock the car because I can't find my keys. I had them to open the car. I think I had them when I went around putting the ladybug lure out... So, around the house again.. no keys. Back to the rose garden.. No, I couldn't have dropped them and covered them with dirt. Before I go digging again I check around the house and in the car and in the house and just before I head back to the roses... there they are, not lost at all, on the workbench.

Who could have vandalized my roses? I decide to scan the security video for last night. Finally, at the 3:18 AM time stamp he appears.... waddles by around the patio to the back steps before heading to the roses. It has a body slightly bigger than our Ragdoll cat.. she is really big.. but has a gait different from a cat and a tail that drags the ground and is not as round as a raccoon but flatter. Dad said it wasn't a badger and since the neighbor has seen beaver in the pond behind her house... that is the most likely suspect. So now I have to figure out how to keep beaver out of the roses. This is the city, I am a suburban girl and there shouldn't be beaver in my back yard. Sigh!

It is trash night... so next, I scoop the cat boxes and gather the trash and put the monstrous can out on the curb along with the four bags of limbs and vines and cane I cut back out beyond the back fence. I haven't had anything to eat today... nothing but a coffee. So at 8PM I make a salad and sit down... I think about calling Nyssa and reach for my cell phone. It was in my shirt pocket, I know it was! It is not there. I am determined to finish the salad. I do. It is not raining but it doesn't matter as I am inside.

I look for my phone. Not in the purse, on the cabinet, in my room or in the garage. I do hope I turned the volume on at least low... I get the house phone and start calling my phone. Listen... no, not in the house. Let's try another trip around the house... oh, look... it's raining again. No, no sound out front... try the rose garden. Surely there is no way it fell out of my shirt pocket while I was trying to replant the rose and it was covered by the dirt and mulch? I don't hear any ringtones... would I hear the ringtones if it were buried?

One last place to look... yuck... oh, yes.. the garbage can. I open the lid, hit redial for the tenth time and..... bingo! Now I have to pull the can back up from the street, take everything out and keep calling my phone to see which bag it is in. It is there... I even see the light on the face light up... the bag on the very bottom of the can... and it is in the very bottom of the bag and covered with.... well, I can't bring myself to say which bag it was.. but by my previous work you can guess.... please, don't say it out loud... I will definitely find the lysol wipes.

Looking back.. I did a lot of "things" but all of the "putting out the next fire" variety and very little of the actual accomplishment type. Now, I am tired... and have wet hair. Sigh.

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pathdoc said...

I think I will just leave a comment on each post to ask you to click on Login above and then down to "my site" and add the URL to your blog so I can click back and visit.  Once you do this, Echo will remember it.

kenju said...

PLEASE tell me it wasn't in the litter bag!!

(I don't see "my site" anywhere).

I have no idea how to keep a varmint like that out of the rose beds. Maybe mesh cloth wrapped around poles? said...

You have really much to do.
Coloring your hair, I don't - it's white and some yellow comes with the summer.

And that %¤#% Beaver seems to love your Roses: fence them in ;)

Beverly said...

What a day! and night.  My day today was a bit like that, but not that is going to end up costing me a lot of money.  I do manage to keep my phone nearby, since I got one of those toys that does lots of stuff.  I'm glad you found your phone, and I hope you kept your hair color.

Simply Col said...

LOL.. sorry SRP .... but that was hilarious. :)

And please.... send some of that rain our way.