Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orange Fire

Coneflower "Tiki Torch". A view from our flower bed. Posted by Picasa

“If we were to imagine an orange on the blue side or green on the red side or violet on the yellow side, it would give us the same impression as a north wind coming from the southwest.” ~ Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein
I have a section of the flower beds dedicated to coneflowers.... red, yellow, white and shades in between. This bright orange variety is called 'Tiki Torch' and it is lovely.... the butterflies and bees love it too. I have much to learn about how to deadhead them and when to leave the cones for the birds to eat the seeds. All in all, for a first year, the flowers have turned out pretty good. Many are still going strong and a few have just begun to bloom. I have a few that won't make it for next year and some plants (mainly the mint) that I will dig up and put in pots before planting in the ground. I might just put the mint in a huge pot on the deck next year..... it REALLY gets out of hand and tries to take over everything. With our clay soil and trying to figure out drainage from the beds, it has been an experiment....a large experiment and as most garden beds go... a continuing work in progress.

In the spring, we wanted plants that would attract birds and butterflies and these have done both... some a little too well. That fennel and parsley and dill have attracted an almost non-stop deposit of black swallowtail eggs with associated caterpillars. As of today we have helped 24 swallowtails through the process and sent them on their way. The birds have also been happy... both with the feeders and with the insects it attracts. Our hummingbirds now spend as much time at the lantana, salvia and other flowers, as they do at the feeders. So, while a gardener's work is never done... I can at least call this year a success.... and will start looking ahead to the next years plan.

This is my 'orange' look for Carmi's theme... I am late posting again! I am going to blame it on the heat.... yes, that's my story and I am sticking with it!!

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Ginny Hartzler said...

You have had a wild sucess!! The Tiki Torch picture is amazing. The orange coneflowers have never been my favorite of the colors, till now. Your picture makes me love this color the most now. Have you used the mint in any cooking, or maybe tea?

Sandra said...

i made a loud sigh of pure pleasure when the photo appeared on my screen. it is trully lovely and is a perfect shot of "orange"

Beverly said...

Coming to your blog is always a lovely sight for the eyes.  I would love to see your gardens someday.  Thanks for stopping by to wish Ella a happy birthday.  She had a wonderful time, as we all did.  She's going to a pre-K class this year, her first time to be in a class setting with a bunch of children.  We're praying she stays well.  I know she's going to love being with the other children and all the activity involved.

Vicki said...

I don't have much in my new garden but I do have that one! And I love it. Early on here I found a small farm with greenhouse selling all sorts of coneflowers. I also go a beautiful sunset colored one- in fact that is the name. Nice photo, Roxanne.

Simplycol said...

Such a lovely photo!  Coneflowers are one of my favouites.  I rarely deadhead them... just let them run their course.. but their course, I would imagine, is a much shorter one way up here in the north.  

I so wish I could attract Hummers.  Haven't had much luck with that so far this year.

Your graden sounds absolutely  beautiful.