Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Water Out Of A Fish

In better taste than the typical... "water out of a boy" fountains.

"I still have a full deck; I just shuffle slower now." ~ Author Unknown
A minute ago the sun was shining and the large expanse of red and yellow and green on the radar had passed us by... again... and was headed off the eastern shore and into the ocean. I posted this picture with the title "A Fish Out of Water Or Water Out Of A Fish", but then something in the back of my mind kept saying... "you have already done this, you have already done this". I replied to myself, "No I don't think so. The picture didn't have an "x" under it and I always put an "x" under the picture when I use it, to avoid the double post." At this point, you know my day is falling into disarray when the best conversation I have had and second only to the one I had with the dog, is a conversation with myself. Well, my mind was right. I was wrong, sort of. I do have a previous post with the title... "A Fish Out Of Water" and it is a picture of this fountain... but at a different angle. So there... I was half right or half baked or half something. I still like this fountain and the patina and the old world look. I wish it were in my garden, but alas, it is too big... so I settle for the smaller, solar fountain with the "look" of bronze.

At this point, I was going to go take a picture of my bubbling little fountain sitting in the middle of the flower beds with the surrounding daylily and lantana; but, in the space of time I have typed this, the skies are dark and on the radar a blossoming patch of red and yellow and green has appeared just to our south and west and the sound of thunder is approaching. Alas, my little bubbling fountain does not bubble in this situation and I hear the rain on the roof.... so this will just have to do for my Watery Wednesday. Wow! It is really coming down out there... of course. I watered the plants yesterday!

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2sweetnsaxy said...

I love this shot!  I haven't seen the other post, I don't think, so I wouldn't mind if this was a repost.  I love the color of the fish, I love the lighting and the dark shadows beneath it and there is an almost mystical, antique quality about this shot.  Love it!

Ginny Hartzler said...

<span>Pouring down rain here, too! I love the water out of a fish, and the effect of the way you took the picture! I will look forward to your OWN fountain, I love fountains and have done many posts on them.</span>

kenju said...

I fertilized the potted plants today and put shock in the pool. Naturally, it rained like a monsoon this afternoon!

Sandra said...

both angles are great, I think I like today best, but hard to decide. I talk to my dog all the time, sometimes he talks back. ha ha
our rain has done the same thing all summer, heat and more heat and the promise of rain all around us but never quite makes it.

Simplycol said...

Wonderful photo!  It has indeed been a stormy summer.  Even here in the Northern prairies.