Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's All Relative

There are antiques....

Eclipse steam engine. Frick Company. 1885.
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"I'm the oldest antique in town." ~ Norman Rockwell
"All those things that are now felt to be of the greatest antiquity were at one time new; what we to-day hold up by example will rank hereafter as precedent." ~ Tacitus
We found this rusted steam tractor sitting on a grassy knoll by the side of a country road in western Virginia. It is powered by the Eclipse steam engine, manufactured by the Frick Company in Waynesboro, Virginia in 1885.

In 1876, the Centennial Exposition was held in Philadelphia, Pa. The Frick farm engine which carried the "Eclipse" trademark was presented with the highest award in its class. In 1880 the same engine triumphed over 25 others at the great exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. Frick steam engines received numerous awards at exhibitions and fairs all over the world. These steam traction engines opened a great new era in power farming.

And then there are ANTIQUES......

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic relief. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Temple of Dendur, ca. 15 B.C.E.; Roman period, Egyptian; Nubia, Dendur.

The Temple of Dendur was built about 15 B.C. by the Roman emperor Augustus, who had succeeded Cleopatra VII, the last of the Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt; it was dedicated to Isis. When the rise in water from the Aswan dam threatened the structure it was dismantled and presented to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Egypt in appreciation for all the archaeological help through the years.

It's all relative....

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