Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miniatures In Motion

Miniature cars, sometimes this is all the big boys can get.

When I was young, I said to God, 'God, tell me the mystery of the universe.' But God answered, 'that knowledge is for me alone.' So I said, 'God, tell me the mystery of the peanut.' Then God said, 'Well, George, that's more nearly your size.' ~ George Washington Carver
Hot Wheels miniature cars and trucks in those long plastic packages hanging on the hooks in the toy section of Walmart and Target and ToysRUs. These were the favorite gift for those hard to buy for little four, five and six year old boys whose mothers made them invite the little girls in their class to the birthday party. At that time, when my daughter Nyssa was small, there were fewer video games and Nintendo had not yet become so sophisticated and children still had imaginations and played under their own power. Give a little boy, or girl for that matter, one of these cars and perhaps a tiny dump truck or fire engine and they could devise a complex scenario and play it out on the floor or better yet, on the top of the kitchen counter or table. I have seen them take sticks and boards and build ramps to run the cars down in races, even before the toy makers figured out that making a dedicated racetrack accessory might be appealing. They do still sell these miniature cars, don't they?

Is it a real racing boat? Yes, just a miniature size.

We saw this small radio controlled racing boat skimming across the water and kicking up quite a spray of droplets behind it. Through the reeds and the rushes by the bank it almost looked like its full sized counterpart, except there is no driver on board and this small lake at Mt. Trashmore would not be large enough for those huge and powerful speed racers to maneuver in. The man controlling this from the shore was having a blast though.

Having a great time playing miniature golf. Posted by Picasa

Of course, this is my favorite example of "miniature". Nyssa was about seven in this picture when she and Uncle Stephen and I took in a game of miniature golf here in Virginia Beach. We always tried to play at least once when we visited as Columbus was notoriously small and didn't really have a good mini golf course. None of us were very good at it, but we had a lot of fun. Those were the days.

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Beverly said...

Big boys still like the miniatures.  David, Ella, and I were in Toys R Us one day, and he stood looking at the Hot Wheels.  "Mom, if you ever see any VW's in Hot Wheels, I'd love to have one." 
Ginny's husband enjoys his remote control plane too. 

Is Nyssa working on a graduate degree?   Will she stay out west until she finishes or look for something in the east? 

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a cute picture of your dughter! I think they do sell Hot Wheels, but nothing as unique as this one. The boat! The other day, we saw remote controlled sailboats. they cost a pretty penny!! $500.00! There are even racing submarines, I kid you not. How could you see them? I'm going to ask the man who has them what the deal is!

Carver said...

Great shot at miniature golf. My daughter used to love to play that when she was growing up. The car and boat are also great for the theme. Love the quote.

peppylady said...

This is sure different from any log on I've done before.
I forgot about hot wheels I use to put them in my boys stocking

Alice Audrey said...

I remember playing with miniatures like that.  Yes, even girls can own Hot Wheels.

Michelle From Rambling Woods said...

Oh they still do make those don't they I hope? They were wonderful and now the toys seem so complicated and take away the child's imagination...or should I be in bed now. Your daughter was (and I am sure still is) beautiful.....

Karen said...

Hi srp! Thanks for visiting my blog. We used to live in Suffolk in the middle of all the peanut farms (blissful peace and quiet) and now fight the daily grind in Northern Virginia. We come down for the beach every once in a while (usually off-season) and still have friends there. Love the miniature car. My guys have those too!

YTSL said...

I used to collect and play with Hot Wheels as a kid too! :b