Monday, December 20, 2010

Cornflower Blue And A Bit Of Yellow Angst Too!

Cornflower blue.... a memory long gone and a hope of spring.
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"The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color.." ~ Hans Hofmann
The light blue petals of a cornflower aptly named in paint forever... cornflower blue. It seems like such a long time since these brought beauty to the garden and swayed so softly in the spring breezes. Here by the east coast ocean we typically have cooler weather in the months of October and November and then in the low 50's in December. But this year we have been hard pressed to make it out of the 30's or 40's for almost a month now. The north winds blow and their sound next to my bedroom window on the north side of the house is even more ominous sounding than the summer storms moving in from the south. I think the word "blustery" best fits the sound and the mood. But, for the first time in a week we have sun... real sun.. with shadows and with blue skies and no clouds. No fluffy clouds, storm clouds, gray clouds, snow clouds, rain clouds... just clear cornflower blue skies.

The mad goldfinch!

Everyone has seen the famous picture of The Mad Bluebird, but this little goldfinch seemed very out of sorts at our feeder this weekend. Perhaps it was the wind howling in the trees and setting off a sway in the feeder system that has made him a bit seasick. Perhaps it was the rain that was supposed to be snow but was rain with occasional large flakes of snow mixed in. Perhaps it was the empty feeders and that we had left a bit of a cake that had gone wrong in the baking, instead of the expected sunflower seed kernels; although I did see him pecking at and eating a bit of the orange slices in the cake. I do believe it might be that I was standing inside in the warm house, next to the roaring fire and pointing a huge black lens at him, while he was trying to eat. Some creatures just don't like to be disturbed and have no fear of telling you off about it. Hey! Little finch.. it is Christmas and I have left full feeders and special treats of fruit and nuts for your Christmas feast... so tell your friends (if you keep that face on, I'm not sure you have many) to come and have a wonderful dinner... just don't tell the hoards of blackbirds.

These are my pictures for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday this week.

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Blue Monday
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Beverly said...

Boy, he does look cross, doesn't he.  I'd be fussing too if I had to be outside.  I'm sitting with a light jacket on inside my house right now.  It's lovely out, but a bit chilly in. 

Beverly said...

I hadn't seen the Mad Bluebird before.  I think your bird matches him.  Perfect.

kenju said...

Cornflower blue was the paint we used on our very first master bedroom (in Norfolk). Lovely photo of a beautiful flower! and the yellow bird is priceless!

Ginny Hartzler said...

What an adorable picture of the tiny mad finch, he is staring you down! i love your cornflower story! The way you tell of missing it in the cold weather and winter, then bringing the color back around to today's sky! The color has come full circle.

Sandra said...

the lower looks llke a mysticaal  floating feather. that bird made laugh out loud.  a bird with attitude,, me thinks he doth protest thy camera. love it

Donnie said...

That little finch did look rather disgruntled.  Happy Blue Monday

Terry said...

Happy Blue Monday :)
I love the sound of the word corn flower blue as well as the color.
Your little finch has stolen my heart with that adorable pose.
Such an attitude I can relate to the unhappy attitude today we have also had too much wind !
Take care now and have a blessed Christmas .
Until next time
Happy Trails

Sally said...


Happy Blue Monday!

Patricia said... beautiful that cornflower is. Truly. It is stunning. 

I've captured a few angry sparrows, as well. I've noticed they are at the bottom of the pecking order. The sparrows come to the feeders first, and if all is well, the goldfinches - in their drab winter coats - will fly in...and if the goldfinches are not threatened then the painted buntings, blue jays and woodpeckers take over. So if I was a sparrow, I'd probably frown, too.

The blustery weather made it all the way south to Pollywog Creek. It will be interesting to see what survives this wicked winter. 

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I loved your photo of the bird.  Excellent capture
Johnina :^A

rose said...

They're gorgeous!

Blues at Play

colleen said...

Is he mad that there is no seed in the feeder?  The first photo is stunning.

Rambling Woods said...

Snow and snow and more snow...I counted 50 goldfinch today and around 40 mourning doves and all the others just trying to get by..Love the birdy expression and the beautiful photo of a memory past...the garden...Michelle

Col said...

I too love coneflowers and am missing them.   Here their mighty stocks and seed heads still stand above the drifts of snow holding the promise of spring, still a long ways off.   Love the little bird with the pouty face. :)

utenzi said...

That goldfinch looks quite belligerent. The flower, on the other hand, is enchanting. I think it's more the angle and setting than the flower itself. That's a real standout of a picture.

Anonymous said...

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