Monday, May 16, 2011

The Passing of Pansies

Perky pansies.... their last hurrah! Posted by Picasa

"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray, love, remember; and there is pansies, that's for thoughts." ~ Shakespeare, Hamlet
Creeping upward, slowly... cool day setbacks... but still warmer, each day a little bit... temperature marches slowly and then more quickly... instep with the humidity. Spring takes its time in getting the motor running but seems to rush headlong into the heat of Summer without a thought for those it leaves behind... the daffodils, tulips, iris and the pansies. Poor pansies... they tried to expand and flourish and flower and brighten up the late fall.. but the cold came too soon this year and they struggled. Spunky pansies.. called a winter flower but who can really like the snow or the cold...they try to look beautiful with wet leaves and flowers and ice and that white stuff, but they struggle. Still, in Spring, pansies perk up and lift their heads to the breezes. They call for the April rains and shine. It is in Spring that they show their stuff.... but Spring is too short and counted not by the days but by the temperatures. While the "time" of Summer does not arrive until June... the "heat" of summer... that which signals the roses and lilies and lantana to bloom... arrives in May. And just when the pansies have overcome the winter hardships and are at their brightest show.... it's over.... too much to bear.. the wilting heat... the flashy colors of summer. Perhaps if the pansy gave nectar to the bees or attracted the increasing number of butterflies... would her delicate petals stay just a little while longer? Poor pansies... already pulled up and replaced with summer annuals in the front beds... already removed from hanging baskets and most deck containers.... but, here... for another week perhaps... in a shaded area.. with slightly cooler temperatures... they can share space with roses and petunias and blanket flowers and growing sage and tomatoes.... just a little longer.

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Sandra Hangey said...

poor poor little pansies, had no idea how they suffer. come to florida and you can have them year round. 

Sandra Hangey said...

poor poor pansies, how they suffer, come to florida and they can bloom when you want them to 

Sandra Hangey said...

i am not crazy it is the comment form, ha ha 

Kenju said...

I love all pansies and I hope that eventually, they will be bred to last in any weather.

Mel Cole said...

I love pansies! Hope to see you in my MYMonday post here.

Credman said...

While in D.C. Joe and I walked  by a house with a huge bed of pansies that looked like Wizard of Oz munchkins and they were scary!