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I'm Thinking! Does It Hurt? Ask Me Again Later.

Flowering dogwood, traditional white (Cornus florida)
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"To see a hillside white with dogwood bloom is to know a particular ecstasy of beauty, but to walk the gray Winter woods and find the buds which will resurrect that beauty in another May is to partake of continuity." ~ Hal Borland (1900 - 1978)
Last week Bob-kat left a cryptic message about a surprise and I love surprises, or at least those that don't involve changing life situations or bills or.... let's just say I love "nice" surprises.... and this was. She tagged me for a "Thinking Blogger Award" and I am honored. There are so many more out there more deserving with eloquent words and a better eye for photos.

The participation rules of the award are simple:
1) If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
2) Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3) Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

When I tried to think of who to tag, I found that Carmi, Judy and Utenzi had already been tagged. They always make me think, gasp in awe at their pictures and laugh at times I need a laugh. So before someone else tags them, here is my list.

Vicki at Outside In, or as it is now known... A Mark On My Wall. She is a psychologist, zoo docent, mother to two starter persons, married to her soulmate (lucky girl)and caretaker to two cats, McCloud and Sophie. She recently moved from her lovely home in Michigan to Chicago and spends winters now (when she is not jetting to Hawaii or other parts of the world) in Florida. She packs more into one day than I could cram in a week and still manages to grace us with pulled together posts and glorious pictures. (My Mr. Rhett is particularly fond of the pictures of his heartthrob Sophie.) Our daughters have given us similar numbers of gray hairs even though she is older than I am...oops, perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that.

Paul N. at Writing From The Hip is a wonderful storyteller. His posts never fail to move me to tears or, more often, make me laugh hysterically. He weaves tales with such clarity and depth of character that it leaves you wanting more in the end. He is a bit of a joker as well and I have been lulled into believing a tall tale written to pull our collective leg. Now, I just enjoy and don't worry about the specifics; he will eventually tell us if it was true. I love how he is a grandfather, loving father and extraordinary husband to the lovely lady he calls "his first wife." She certainly is special and I hear she makes the best fried chicken in the Southwest.

Karen, at Pondering Penguin always keeps me up to date with news that isn't printed or aired in the mainstream news media, or at least not without a left wing slant. I am conservative and believe the country took a turn for the worse the day we let God be banned from schools and legalized the murder of millions of unborn babies. Karen gives us items to think about even if you don't agree completely. Her site is human, empathetic and brutally honest. She probably doesn't agree completely with my views but we are similar and besides.... she loves penguins...! Her son is about to enter that last senior year of high school so she will be approaching the "starter person" whirlpool soon. Bless you, Karen.

AC, at Sonnets of the Hermit is a fabulous Tennessee gardener who grows blackberries and raspberries and tomatoes and all these things that I wish I could grow. She has gorgeous pictures of walks with her dogs and her flowers and she has a daughter just a year older than mine. Her daughter is a photographer, graduating from college this spring and one of the many "not quite sure about what to do now" group. This is not unusual and truthfully, I seem to find myself in that situation as well. She and I share a similar past with an ex-husband that has been and continues to be a less than hands on dad. (This is really trying to be nice) So we understand each other completely. And she is left-handed!

Beverly, at Lacooche Kid is a wonderful, loving, Christian lady in Florida. She writes inspirational pieces about her lovely children, now grown and her beautiful and brilliant granddaughter, Ella. Through the hardships of life; losing a beloved husband and discovering that dear Ella has cystic fibrosis, Beverly keeps her eyes on God and fully depends on his love and care and spreads cheer to all those around her. She is involved in the Sweet Adeliines and her church and posts about her years as a missionary in Haiti. She brings us inspirational stories of God's power working in the lives of others and is always a blessing to visit. I am very jealous that she and Vicki have met... sigh! I know that she is a prayer warrior and that she will be there for anyone in need. And she loves baseball!

Those were my five but I have to add two more. These two lovely ladies don't post as often as I would like them to, but the entries are worth the wait and always leave me with something to savor and ponder.

Bonnie or Babette's Feast as she calls herself is an absolutely amazing woman. She has a huge loving family and is more pulled together and organized than I could ever hope to be. Her spirit is gentle, kind and her posts are magnificent with art and music history... I always learn something new. She pulls together this information and relates it to her daily leaves me speechless! She creates limericks and short poems with hysterical play on word lines.... she is very "punny"! Her signature sign off includes the words of wisdom... "call your mother".

Lori, at Thoughts of Laurel, is the mother of two teenagers who writes the most beautiful memories... thoughts of her children, her childhood, her family, her God. Her photographs of family and nature are spectacular. Each post is filled with such a calmness and joy, they never fail to inspire and I can feel the love she has for her family in her words.

So there it is. There are more wonderful sites out there with inspiring stories and wonderful artistic pictures than words to tell about them. So, go forth and find them and ..... report back, please!

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