Friday, April 06, 2007

My Blessing From God

My little blessing at age two. (1988) (Click to enlarge) Posted by Picasa
Count Your Blessings...
Count their fingers, count their toes,
count the freckles on their nose.
Count the laughter, count the tears,
count the memories through the years.
And when you add up all of your assets,
may your best investments be
the sum of all the blessings,
hanging from your family tree.

~ Keri Lyn
It's hard to believe that this little two year old will be twenty-one in less than three weeks.... where did the time go? She was, is and will forever be my blessing from God. God blessed me with this child and together we have laughed and cried, felt immense joy and deep sorrow, reached high goals and experienced the pits of failure. We have come through the valley of the shadows of both adolescence and menopause..... at the same time.... and we lived through it. She has been fiercely independent from the beginning and that will not change, nor do I wish it to; for I feel confident that whatever she endeavors to do with her life, she will succeed. I love you Nyssa.

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