Monday, January 24, 2011

Where Did You Get Your Eyes So Blue?

Swinging the blues.... Mr. Rhett Posted by Picasa

“Where did you get your eyes so blue? Out of the sky as I came through.” ~ George MacDonald

Dear Mr. Rhett with his blue eyes is the darling of women everywhere. He has had a difficult couple of years here, what with getting out and spending the night under the house during the construction of the sunroom and losing his sister, Scarlett last May. Still he is the most inquisitive cat on the planet and it still gets him into a pickle on occasion. Mr. Rhett is getting old as are we all, but he can still run faster than I can catch him. Hmm. Perhaps that says more about me than him. He has been losing weight for several years, but not so much as in this last year. He had lost two pounds since his last checkup and his fur coat was looking rank and disheveled. I could brush him and get almost as much hair as I do off the Ragdoll cats. But, he ate... he ate like he was starved to death. He would eat his wet food and the leftovers from everyone else in five minutes. So at his checkup this year they drew some blood to check his kidney function, since he is over 15 now and they checked his thyroid function. His T4 level was almost ten times the upper limits of normal, so now he is on a medicine to block the effects of the T4. A liquid, we put it in his food twice a day and he doesn't know the difference, but a difference it has made already. I believe he has gained some weight and his coat is back to being soft and lush. He does not seem as driven to constantly move and search for food.. yet, he still gobbles all he can get as fast as he can. At least he is on the right path.

Here he was swinging in the hammock with Nyssa... his blue eyes complementing the royal blue of the strings. I'm not sure if his expression is one of delight, fear or simply the desire to "be somewhere else".

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Sandra said...

he is just plain gorgeous or handsome or pretty or amazing. great shot. i have a friend whos cat lived to be 21 and 20 for my grand cat. so he has some good years in him with the help of the new drugs. so glad it is helping.

Sandra said...

I see two post below that i missed, don't know how since i have you in my google reader. i love those tall buildings and the bird. i am trying to figure out how i missed these post.

Sally said...

I'm glad that you gave him the medical care he needed.

Could you please mention BLUE MONDAY. I know you have the blue bird icon posted with the link, but it almost looks like it's Cami's theme's icon.

Happy Blue Monday, SRP.

PastorMac's Ann said...

I love it!!  What a wonderful picture.  The blue swing and that green grass behing wow - a really nice touch, but your Mr. Rhett is the real beauty.  Make me miss my Siamese kitty so much.  She was a wonderful companion and the best kitty ever and she too had the most beautiful blue blue eyes.  (and in her later years, she struggled with a Thyroid problem too)  

Beverly said...

Oh, what a handsome brute!  He is indeed well-named.  I'm so glad that the medicine is helping him.  May he have many more months, even years at your house.

Abby said...

We lady cats STILL all adore Mr Rhett!
We were so glad to see those baby blues.

Ginny Hartzler said...

This picture is stunning!! The colors are not to be believed!! Such georgous eyes. I don't know what the T-4 level is! But glad the medicine is working. 

RamblingWoods said...

Yes..I had a cat with hyperthyroidism and with similar symptoms, but it was a pill that Molly needed and she was so bad about it even hiding it was hard...I miss that old girl.. she was a sweetie.. (she didn't die of the thyroid)

Marie said...

What a gorgeous kitty -- love those eyes!  We had a Siamese named Snickerdoodles when we were first married -- we lost him to a tumor -- I still miss him!    I'm glad to hear that Rhett is doing better on the medication and still going strong -- keep it up Rhett! 

Visting from Blue Monday. 


janie said...

he's gorgeous, glad that he's doing well.

Colleen said...

Is there anyone more handsome than Dear Mr. Rhett... I think not. :)    So happy his thyroid is now better controlled.   It seems a common  condition for many felines.    His eyes are truly beautiful.

colleen said...

I adore this shot!