Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mt. Trashmore Park

Mt. Trashmore Park from the air. (from Virginia Is For Lovers site)
"When young, one is confident to be able to build palaces for mankind, but when the time comes one has one's hands full just to be able to remove their trash." ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832)
Several asked about the name "Mt. Trashmore" so I thought I would post a few more pictures taken there as well as a little history. But you will have to click "read more" below to continue.

Mount Trashmore Park covers 165 acres in the middle of Virginia Beach. The Atlantic ocean is a ten minute drive and the park is only a five minute jaunt from our house. This is the highest point in the area at 68 feet above sea level. Two lakes were formed when dirt was removed from the area to build the "mountain". Lake Windsor is filled with brackish water and Lake Trashmore, the larger body, contains fresh water and is stocked with fish. Canadian geese and a variety of waterfowl call the area home. This wooden slat fencing and marsh grasses have been placed along one edge to facilitate their nesting habits.

I love the way the Canadian geese march along. Many do migrate through the area on the way back to Canada but this crew seems to have taken up permanent residence here.
No boating is allowed on this lake. There are several small playgrounds for children including a large one on the opposite side of the "mountain" which was built out of wood with forts and bridges as well as swings. Picnic areas are scattered throughout the park grounds.

Mt. Trashmore was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil. It apparently opened in 1973. If there is a significant snow (over 4 inches) you can count on seeing dads and kids with sleds and inner tubes flying down the hill, at least for a couple of hours until it melts. The top of Mt. Trashmore is over 800 ft. long and along with the height, this makes it a prime place for flying kites, any day of the year. A very, very tiny branch of the public library has a small building that is surrounded by almost desert like landscaping as an example of water conservation.

A walking/running path runs all around the mountain and Lake Trashmore. Recently an adjacent skateboard park was built at the base. As you can see there is ample parking. Many church picnics, outdoor concerts and even an annual carnival are held here. So. While some in the area may want to change its name to something a little less "trashy" and more elegant, it's just not going to happen.

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