Friday, April 10, 2009

Shadow Cat - Gone With The Wind

Who is this to capture the perfect light and shadow?

It's Mr. Rhett... smooth operator... of course!
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"When naming a cat, if one's imagination is totally at a loss, start with a good encyclopedia. Look up the names of emperors, empresses, kings, and queens. Cats, particularly male cats, like very strong names which link them to majestic feats." ~ Auriel Douglas

Mr. Rhett fits his name. He is a smooth operator; he works and weasels his way out doors and in doors and onto laps... if all else fails, he simply gazes longingly until the object of his desire gives in and invites him into his/her lap. Rhett has become the most vocal of the cats... he talks almost constantly... unless asleep. Small stuffed toys, sponge balls and a ragged stuffed cloth ball are his "babies"... he carries them around and meows and meows and meows. Rhett knows what he wants and how to get it... most of the time, just like his namesake.

And if you must know... his counterpart.. Miss Scarlett.. is as capricious, cantankerous and conniving as the original as well.

Mr. Rhett is taking his show on the road to Friday's Ark and to the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this Sunday by Artsy Catsy. He is being so active this week... his human uncle is arriving Saturday... the same day Rhett wants to visit over at Camera Critters. One busy cat!

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