Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Made A New Year's Resolution, But Broke It The Very First Day.

Grand Canary Island, June 2009 (Picture by Stephen) Posted by Picasa

"A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other." ~ Unknown

It has been a long time... and I have a great excuse, I really do; but if I try to put my excuse into words it will probably leave my head all addled and inspiration will fly down the stairs and out the door. My knees wouldn't let me follow, much less catch it and it might be another five months before I found this page again.

As it is, I started this two days ago. But, when I finally visited my own blog, I discovered that my template had this little sticky message where the header picture used to be. So I decided to upload a new template, even though I had to change the HTML of the last one to allow for the larger pictures. But I forgot that when you changed templates, Blogger deletes some of your sidebar widgets as well as the code for any third party comments. So pretty much everything was deleted.

Then I went to Haloscan to replace the comment code, only to discover that they are changing over to something called "Echo" but you can't change it without the e-mail and so far... no email. Of course I found my old comments and exported them to my computer but Blogger has no way to import them. Oh, well! I guess that's what I get for a long lapse in writing.

So much has happened this year: bulldozers, concrete, wood, brick, pavers, decking, hot tubs, stained glass, tile floors, fire pits, tillers, trellis, ceiling fans, landscaping material, pebbles, split system air/heaters, sinks, copper roofs, swampy rose garden.... oh, yes... top soil and compost... lots and lots and lots of top soil and compost.

So, I really did make a resolution to start writing everyday again... but, of course it went right out the window on January 1st. We will see how it goes!

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kenju said...

Whew! I was afraid that you (or your parents) had a problem that was keeping you from the blog. I'm glad to know it wasn't that. Love the new look here! Try not to be a stranger, okay?

And while I am here, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday on Friday!!

amarkonmywall said...

Get back here! We need photos, cats, details about Nyssa, Stephen, the parents...we have missed you SO much. And the new skin looks lovely- calm and classy.

Beverly said...

Well, as Judy and Vicki said, it is so good to see you back here. Welcome back, and stay!

I was browsing the other day on Yahoo, and they had a Flickr link. I clicked on it and there were your updated photos of the room. How gorgeous it is!

I started to call you a couple of times to see if you were o.k. We (Sarah and I) were in your neck of the woods the weekend of the snowstorm. We went up for my nephew's wedding. Ella was the flower girl so we had to see her.

We went to the Yankee Candle store in Williamsburg. Ella loved it.

Yes, happy birthday on Friday.

Omnibabe said...

Yay! You're BACK!!!

Anonymous said...

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Paul Nichols said...

A long, lost friend has returned. Life is good.

Lori said...

I'm so glad to see you again.  I've been absent, too so have missed things all around.  I want to change my layout, too...but am so scared I'll lose everything if I try.

I have much to catch up on...time to start reading!