Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spring Overflowing

Geneva, Switzerland. Picture by Stephen.
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"The cistern contains: the fountain overflows." ~ William Blake (English Poet, 1757-1827)

My brother was in Geneva in the early spring, when days were just warm enough to stroll through the wide avenues under the budding green trees and when early flowers were shyly welcoming the climbing sun. It probably wasn't a day that would prompt me to jump in this fountain.... but today is... at least in Virginia. Projected high? 97F. But, no rain.... yeah... so the construction continues.

I have had one person suggest that we show you Stephen's winter garden room construction... I suppose it might be interesting and perhaps my cousins who designed it, might pick up some interest in their business. We will see. Right now though, it seems to be at that point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... I just can't tell if it is sunlight or an approaching train.

So, today I will have to try and remain calm and collected and cool; staring at this picture might help a little as will seeing what other folks are doing with their Watery Wednesdays.

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