Monday, August 17, 2009

Moody Mellow, Macro Yellow, Monday

Black-eyed Susan. Rudbeckia hirta
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"Where beams of imagination play,
The memory's soft figures melt away."
~ Alexander Pope

It's a "moody mellow, macro yellow Monday" here with a bright sunny day... finally! A usual August brings dry weather and the wish for rain, but this year we had 5 inches of rain in the first 15 days of the month and oppressive humidity and high temperatures on the days without rain. It is the prevailing "Murphy's Law" scenario... if a construction project is in full swing and you need several days of dry weather to complete many odds and ends of outside work, then you will be guaranteed to get torrential rain storms coupled with prolonged periods of drizzle and light rain...everyday except one. Of course, this will be the day that no one shows up to work. And the project drags on.

It is too hot and humid to go to the botanical gardens right now, but I had this black-eyed susan picture from my last trip in July. It is cheery and bright, inviting to butterflies and bees, as well as to we humans who need a break from the rain and the cares of life. It will have to do for Mellow Yellow Monday and Macro Monday as well.

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