Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roses Among Thorns

A sea of roses....adrift in time. Norfolk Botanical Gardens
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Let me show you
Sweet smell of a delicate whisper
Behind the vision of gardens
Go and read of your life
Tiny ripping at the heart
Drunk from a rose.
~ Erica Caitlin Lee

I miss the June days of mild heat.... in the 80's... and lower humidity. Surely, these are the draining dog days of summer. Funny though.. then I thought it was sweltering as I strolled through the botanical gardens. The rose garden is phenomenal, a sea of color across the green lawns and along the stone bandstand, a wall of red. White, yellow, pink, orange, bicolors, striped, speckled.... and of course red... deep dark red. They are intermixed, not segregated by color or size and floribundas mixed with climbers and hybrid teas as well. Here the dragonflies bask in the aroma and dancing bees flit from bloom to bloom. Soon the careful gardeners will be preparing them for the short winter rest we have around these parts... and next May the blooms will appear again, brighter and more beautiful than ever.

But will we survive the 95 degree temps with 100% humidity today? Thank goodness the air conditioner people were able to fix the unit this morning....just in time for Ruby Tuesday!!!

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