Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toe-May-Toe, Toe-Ma-Toe

Little sweet tomatoes, getting ready to pop them in my mouth! Yum! Posted by Picasa

"It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato." ~ Lewis Grizzard
Storms broke out dead tree tops and littered the yard with limbs and leaves. Pinecones pelted the metal sunroom roof, sounding more like giant hailstones and the wind caught up anything that was not tied down. The grow box with these tiny tomatoes bowed to the power of the wind and rolled to the edge of the deck, then toppled over and down the steps losing a bit of dirt, several large branches and scattering tiny green tomatoes all over the stone patio. I repaired the damage as best possible: replacing the dirt and the soil cover, tying up the vines and relocating the box to be sheltered from future winds.

These are the survivors -- of the storm and the marauding squirrel bandits -- and they are beginning to ripen. At first, it was slow... one a day for a week.. but now I get a handful a day. Some are red and others orange... but all are tasty and juicy and squirt yummy goodness all in your mouth. I get to eat these at least... Mom has become enamored with the cucumbers and we really need ten vines to keep up with her passion. So far, the birds have left them alone and the squirrels are not brave enough to come directly up to the boxes as they are so close to the door. Now we will simply have to see how long they will produce.

No matter how you say it... tomatoes are one of summer's great joys.
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Ginny Hartzler said...

You've captured a lovely picture of the survivors! We have to depend on the kindness of neighbors to give us home grown veggies!

Chip Allen said...

Grizzard was right; ain't nothin' like home grown maters!

Sandra Hangey said...

i love the tommy toes, and your spelling, i spent many happy hours popping these little guys in my mouth and if I were there you would need more cucumber vines too. the photo is really beautiful

Ramblingwoods said...

They are the best...I wish I had room for a veg garden or enough sun for a veg pot garden..