Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BF and AF (Before and After Furniture)

Living Room.......BEFORE!
"I saw a sign: "Rest Area 25 Miles". That's pretty big. Some people must be really tired." ~ Steven Wright (1955 - )
I really haven't fallen off the planet... of course, you couldn't actually fall off the planet because of gravity and escape velocity and all those scientific things... but, you know what I mean. I had my Saturday pictures ready to post but my furniture was released from its storage prison and delivered and three young fellows kept asking, "Where?" and soon there were crates of pictures and boxes everywhere... even though there were already boxes from the other storage unit and boxes leaving for the garage sale room and... well, it was just a mess. Then Nyssa came on Friday and I only had her young body for two days to help with all those boxes stacked to the top of the 10 X 23 foot storage unit. So we hauled and lifted and opened and debated and decided on what we were completely attached to and what we could do without.

Living room........AFTER!
Then there was the Jericho incident... I felt a bit like Joshua. All I did was pick up one teensy, tiny box and turned to walk out of the unit and suddenly an entire block of boxes just fell down....Nyssa said it was almost slow motion. Fortunately they were light so no damage done; but the "walls (of boxes) came a tumbling down".

So, this weekend, Nyssa and I spent the first night in the new house. I also spent Sunday and Monday night there... in the quiet with no internet, no computer, no television... just the radio intercom. We used the master shower that could hold four people and I used the master whirlpool tub while listening to an opera over the intercom in the dark with only the light from the street lamp outside to see by. It was very relaxing and helped my knee a lot. Of course I had to have the room dark... the huge window over the tub doesn't have a shade yet.

Entryway.......AFTER! Posted by Picasa
We cooked our first breakfast there with the gas stove and I didn't blow anything up... eggs, toast and sausage links. And we have a phone with a real phone number.... did you know that when you get a new phone service, you automatically start getting calls from the wireless people and the satellite TV people and mortgage people and on and on and on. I listed the number with the "NO CALL" service this evening.

So tonight I am once again at the parent's house. The dog has to go in for grooming and to have a mass removed from his skin so another early day! Then more moving and more boxes... never ending! By the way, these pictures are the before and after, though not complete by any means yet... later I will post the dining room. Mind you, my dining room set filled my dining room and was snug with the leaf in. Here I had to get them to put the leaf in so the table wouldn't look so "lost in space".

Back to the boxes!

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