Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On A Magic Carpet Ride

Round rug... in the eating area off the kitchen.
"Great is the power of habit. It teaches us to bear fatigue and to despise wounds and pain." ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC-43 BC)
This past weekend, Nyssa came to help me. I had gotten to a brick wall in the unloading of the storage unit. Boxes were stacked to the ceiling and seemed to go on forever... all were heavy. Together we made three loads and then she helped get some of the remaining top boxes down to a manageable level. Then she went through her Barbie boxes and picked four dolls to keep and the rest.... garage sale or if you please... moving sale!

So, more rugs.... it's what happens when the entire downstairs is hardwood floors! The one above is round, 91" in diameter. Another one of my "power shopper" finds.

Master bedroom sitting area.
The downstairs master bedroom will be my parent's room. It has a large sitting area with a bay window that backs on to the preserve. This rug is 9 x 12 feet. I think they are going to put an antique love seat and a chair here, perhaps a book case or a small desk along the longer wall.

The other bedrooms are upstairs... did I tell you that there are 16 steps on the back staircase. The front one is curved so probably more there. A typical day brings a loaded down van making the trek from Virginia Beach to Chesapeake. Then the unloading of the van.... use the legs... use the legs. The sorting of the boxes into things like "kitchen" (who knew one could have so many cookbooks and small appliances and still not cook much), Nyssa's room, Nyssa's stuffed animals, Nyssa's Beanies, Nyssa's books..... Oh, then there are a couple of Roxanne's books, or den books. All these boxes have to be gone through. Yes, I went through them when I moved but time passes and things that seemed important three years ago, seem absurd now.

Master bedroom rug (main area). Love the sage green.
This is the 10 x 13 rug for the main area of the master. Someone please tell my mom that these two rugs do not have to match. Both have browns and beige and sage and other colors. I think a sage comforter will be very soothing in here.

Close-up of the master bedroom rug. Posted by Picasa
Anyway, after the sorting of the boxes... sort of like the "sorting hat" in Harry Potter, although the hat is more accurate than the label of the boxes. That would be a problem with the one who packed them... me. It isn't always what it says and there are some boxes that were recycled from the move from Oklahoma to Mississippi some 15 years earlier. That is always interesting. So we (at least with Nyssa it was "we" for two days) go through them and make a pile for garage sale, a pile to store for Nyssa's grad school, a pile just to store and try and put the rest away. Since my furniture is coming tomorrow... perhaps this last part will get easier. Today I made 15 trips up those 16 steps with boxes of Christmas decorations, and loaded them into the walk-in attic. I am tired. Every muscle I have aches and now, my aches have aches. Advil is my friend.

By the way, please tell me... what do you do with those little pieces of things that look important and essential, but you can't remember which appliance they go with or what they do?

My furniture is coming from the movers storage... I paid the ransom. They will get it to the rooms and put the pieces together... except the washer, dryer and grandfather clock. Joy. Oh, yes.... we have a phone number... I can't remember what it is but we have one. However, while the house is wired for internet with a smart box and such... Verizon apparently does not provide DSL service in this part of Chesapeake yet. EXCUSE ME!!!!??????

Tomorrow night, I sleep with the fishes... or at least the Canadian geese that seem to be everywhere out there.

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