Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not Just For Fall Anymore

Dreams of summer past......fiery lily after the rain.
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"Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow."~ Wassily Kandinsky
Yes, I know it is Sunday and I missed the photo hunt by a long shot. Still, I had these already in the works and thought they were beautiful and frankly, I was just too "brain" tired to focus on a different thought. Orange has always been a warm and inviting color in my book. I had an orange room... not quite this bright, but almost... when I was in college. It was the first time in all the years that someone actually asked me what color I wanted my room painted. Typically, the parsonage walls were painted very pale.... pale blue, pale beige, pale pink. In fact, most of the time, my room was SO pale of a pink that you had to hold a bright white paint chip sample next to the wall to even tell that it was pink at all. I was in college and would only spend two summers in the house before getting married, but for those two summers I had a bright and vivid orange room. It was wonderful!

I have outgrown the bright orange for walls, still I like the more muted tones that remind me of a Tuscan sunset. And I still love the orange of fall leaves, mixed with those of red and gold, as well as the flaming oranges bursting forth in the spring and early summer lilies.

Thoughts of Autumn present.... just in time for Halloween. Posted by Picasa

Fall mums are everywhere. We have those in dark magenta, deep cranberry red and these golden tangerine shades. Each year my mom loves these flowers on the porch or step and after they fade, most people simply toss them out. The first year I let them go too long and they looked completely dead. Still I planted the roots and the sticky stubs and waited. The green leaves started poking up through the sticks and to my amazement, it survived and thrived and ended up a much larger plant than the original. So the second year I did the same and last year as well. This spring I followed the recommendation to dig them up and "root prune". In this process the root ball is cut and reduced by at least half, then re-planted. I also snipped off the early buds... before July... to try and thicken up the plants. It worked! And I even took the biggest section of the trimmed off root ball and planted it in the back yard. Now I have dark magenta purple mums in full bloom there as well.

So, what color should I choose this year.... more red, pale yellow, gold or more orange?

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Saturday Photo Hunt (on Sunday) ~ "orange"


sandra said...

i wish that sweet dog was kissing me instead of the flowers. or was that eating the flowers? super shot for sure! I vote buy red and yellow mums, love those colors in flowers. never had an orange room but i did have a living room in my first house that had red shag carpet, red drapes and a sofa cream with big red flowers. stop laughing. i was a preachers kid tooo

kenju said...

I love the orange ones and also the ones that are a deep rosy magenta. Daisy is so pretty!

Scarlet said...

I love the reds and cranberries... beautifuil!
Thise lillies are lovely!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The fiery lilies are georgous!! And is that your sweet lillte dog? That would make such a good calendar page or greeting card cover! I love orange, too! When our son was a baby, we lived in an apartment, and I put bright orange contact paper all over one wall!

Stormy_girl said...

What is Daisy wearing??

Rambling Woods said...

Any color of Mums is good for me..I didn't do any this year and I am sorry that I didn't.....Lovely photos and how cute is Daisy.... :-D

Patricia said...

Oh, how I wish we had orange leaves here in the fall. Orange walls, eh? Wow! I had an orange VW beetle once. It was my favorite car ever. Lovely photos, as always...and thanks so much for your visits to Pollywog Creek...and especially for your kind and encouraging comments. Have a wonderful weekend.