Friday, October 22, 2010

Serenity Can Be Deceiving

Grand Canary Island Sunset...July 2009
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"Peace... is seeing a sunset, and knowing who to thank." ~ Author Unknown
Finally! The computer is back from the shop and things are ok. Nothing wrong with software; the internal power supply simply decided to quit working. Fortunately it was under warranty.. or the extended Apple Care plan and they really came through. It only took 15 minutes with the Apple representative and we had a choice of three places in the area to chose from for the repair. They fixed it and checked the software and now it works great! I am glad... who knew you could have such withdrawal from an electronic device!

My brother took the picture above while he was performing on Grand Canary Island last year. His hotel was right on the ocean. Sounds wonderful doesn't it, especially with these views. But, apparently, the activity and noise from vacationers and such never stops... party time, all the time. (And you thought New York City was the only "city that never sleeps".) Anyway, it was July and the island was hot. Night breezes off the ocean would cool it down a bit, but with open windows... you guessed it, NOISE! It looks serene... thank goodness we can't hear the racket!

People often remark that Stephen's life must be wonderful with all the traveling and wonderful places he visits. They don't realize that it isn't that great. Work visas for all the different countries, paying for short term housing all over the globe, rehearsals that limit the time for sightseeing and travel is a real pain these days. An opera singer is paid by the performance.... but not for the rehearsals, which often last for four to six weeks before opening night. If he should come down with flu or something that prevents the performance, he won't get paid... even if he made every rehearsal. Of course each country takes out tax... and the US takes a big share as well, over and above this. Then on occasion, a problem may arise between a conductor and an opera house and cancellations occur; happened this year in Brazil. But, on the bright side, he got to spend an extra month at home.

Right now, he is back in Europe, putting the final touches on an opera he will be singing for the first time...Tristan and Isolda. He has a performance in Dresden before he heads off to Japan for "Tristan"... Christmas Day he will be on stage. This coming year is packed for him, even the summer season with a major Wagner Festival in Salzburg, Austria. We have no idea right now as to when he will be back home again. Thank goodness for Skype and e-mail!

Anyway... computer problem solved... I'm back!

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sandra said...

so exciting to have an opera singer in the family. and you are right, the scene is so peaceful. i do not like travel and do not like staying away from home base more than 3 nights in a row and love peace and quiet, so i would not be able to be an opear singer (plus i can' sing a note, ha ha)

Beverly said...

So glad your problem was as minimal as it was and that you were covered.  One does definitely go through withdrawal doing without.

My Allstate agents oldest son is aspiring to be an opera singer.  He has had some minor roles...waiting for his voice to mature a little more.  He's teaching music and other things while he looks for roles. 

So I can say I know two people who have opera singers in their family.  I was listening to the CD that you gave me the other day that has Hale and Wilder and Stephen on it.  Good music.

Abby said...

Such a lovely view, but you're right just like the scene can be deceiving, so can life on the road.
I am sure your brother loves his choice of vocation, but I can see where it is difficult on family life. You're right Skype is a godsend.

So glad your computer woes were so easily addressed!
When we lost internet connectivity I was so lost without being able to access the internet.
It is easy to see how dependent on it I have become!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I had NO idea your brother is a professional opera singer!! Is he on any C.D.'s? Your behind the scenes story is so interesting, I really enjoyed it! Who knew? How old is he? And I love your deceiving picture and the story of it, this is one of your best posts. So glad you are back with your Mac! I went thru withdrawel for only one night! 

kenju said...

I'm<span> so glad</span> to know you are back.

That's quite a schedule that Stephen has to keep up with - I hope he stays healthy and happy!

I'm off to work now. Catch you later.

Alice Audrey said...

I can well understand computer withdrawl, having suffered it a time or two.  You're lucky to have it so easily fixed.

-  Alice Audrey

Who is having to jump through an awful lot of hoops to leave a comment.

colleen said...

I just had a dream that my computer was stolen and I'm still trying to shake it. 
I hope your brother gets paid well when he does perform and that he loves what he does. Beautiful picture!

Rambling Woods said...

I am sorry you had computer problems....Good thing you had an Apple.....I never knew much about the work of an opera must be rewarding, but I didn't know you wouldn't get paid for rehearsing... I know all too well the noise of some of the island destinations...I want beach and a book and quiet, but most places are party and booze....Michelle